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Male transition is accompanied by erectile dysfunction, risk of stroke and new partner

The male transition, or andropause, is widely discussed. One of the main symptoms of andropause is the reduction of sexual appetite, accompanied by erectile dysfunction. In connection with this threatens men also myocardial infarction. Sexologist and gynecologist MD. Pavel Turčan in his commentary explaining why these failures occur as men can solve or how can a woman know that her husband is in transition.

Male transition is accompanied by decreased sexual performance and depression

Manifestations transition in men as well as women are substantially individual. On someone is not nearly know that in this critical period is, on the contrary, someone's seen too much. Generally, the symptoms of male migration include a decline of physical, mental and sexual performance, a sense of loss of energy or zest for life, tendency to depression, moodiness, nervousness, insomnia, irritability and so on. This is a really wide variety of symptoms. In men, however, unlike women started transition gradually. Sexual life and after the transition depends on a number of factors. Depends not only on whether the person concerned is currently in transition, but also to a wide range of diseases, which in this period is for many people suffering.

The blood vessels in the penis have a diameter of only 1 mm, so goes first

In the intimate area for men in transition occurs decrease sexual appetite and more often then meet with erectile dysfunction. The most common are cases where the erection come, but do not last long. Face however with cases where the erection either not obtained at all or only very weak. Erection is dependent on many factors, one of which is in this period probably the greatest significance of the decline in testosterone and impaired vascular function. With age and depending on the lifestyle that leads man, it occurs in the deposition of cholesterol plaques and other substances, which impairs blood flow. And if so, vessels of the penis usually carry them first. The reason is simple. This is the end character of the blood vessels, as well as blood vessels and heart. Penile vessels are of only about 1 mm in diameter, while the heart 3-5 mm. The problem with erection and may not represent only some discomfort, but can also be a warning sign that the men threatened to 3-5 years myocardial infarction. Therefore, it is appropriate to decrease erectile ability not to take lightly and not put up with the fact that it belongs to the ages. Other important factors weakening erectile ability is obviously disturbed psyche, where a man under the influence of hormonal changes, moodiness feels toward depression.

The overall feeling better, easier to alignment with age or lack of energy and enthusiasm for life men will allow a natural type of medication Sarapis for men or Ginseng forte, which have no side effects and is suitable to be used long term. If this condition is not sufficient to modify, improve Vascular Endothelial function can then be achieved in different ways under the guidance of a physician. One way is to use tablet with phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors, the most famous is she famous blue pill. Very good experience we have is a new way of treating erectile dysfunction by using special shock waves, which leads to neovascularization and improve erections and penile blood flow.

Men in transition often have new partners

For many men, it is typical that in a period of transition, or andropause, also have a new partner. Usually younger. Again, the reason more. One of the best known is the fact that men younger woman deliver confidence and assure so that they are still attractive and still belong to the scrapheap. In addition to the younger partner they feel themselves younger and thereby subconsciously suppress casts a fear of aging. A very common reason is a feeling of discontent in the original family. Usually, the crisis in the partnership takes effect after the children leave the family, especially in cases where the partner focused only on raising children and lived rather differently to each other but not practically lives together. Suddenly stay home alone with a woman, you have something to say and can not spend time together. The woman also often undergoes transition as well, which is accompanied by problems with sex partner as such. As a precaution, it is necessary to realize that it is necessary to take care of as well as their romantic relationship.

The transition will help adjust the diet

Generally speaking, it is for men their transition as challenging as it is for women, and is accompanied by a series of troubles, whether physically or mentally. To a man fit and feeling good, so it should in the first instance to modify their lifestyle. The best advice is active motion, smoke, keep drinking regime and prefer a diet rich in vegetables and unsaturated fats. Just do everything they can to maintain a reasonable body weight, plenty of lean mass and lower cholesterol.

Author comments: gynecologist and sexologist MD. Pavel Turčan.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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