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Vivaldianno 2015

Vivaldianno 2015 Unique visual show the world soloists to be pleasantly surprised organizers and the artists themselves moving from Prague's Karlin Forum to a large O2 arena. The combination of classic and modern music has real resonance in the general public to performances to meet people of all generations.

Vivaldianno subtitled City of mirrors is a continuation of a very ambitious project Michal Dvorak (Lucie) and violin virtuoso Jaroslav Svěcený. The actual tour in the history of Czech and Slovak overall performance unique. Untraditional design scene and a very strong connection classics with modern elements, all in the soundtrack of the world elite of itself promises a unique experience.

"The project has every year more ambition, we started in much smaller spaces a few years ago and due to the huge response from the audience we were not afraid to accept such a bold step which is to fulfill the O2 arena. Vivaldianno from year to year forms, adds interesting people and artistic features. The audience's interest is always the driving force. They supply us with a huge appetite and courage, while we want to give space to anyone who has an interest in the show, "says
the author of the project Michal Dvorak. At an exclusive show at the O2 Arena will host world stars - Li Chuan Yun (CHN) - Chinese genius violinist who plays the violin from his three years and Tina Guo (USA) - famous player on acoustic cello. She played among others with stars like Carlos Santana, Foo Fighters or Peter Gabriel.

Vivaldianno 2015 - City of Mirrors

4. 6. 2015 Bratislava, Hala Istropolis
6. 6. 2015 Ostrava, Hala Gong
8. 6. 2015 Brno, Hala Rondo
10. 6. 2015 Prague O2 Arena
11. 6. 2015 Plzeň, Hala TJ Locomotive


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