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Heating the house: With what kind of fuel you save the most?

Heating the house belongs to important items of family budgets. The correct choice of heat source can save on operating and service costs in future periods. What are the options for heating and how much the fuel will happen in the near future? In cooperation with experts, we have prepared an overview of the possibility of heating the house in terms of economy of operation and cost.

Gas heating: Select a condensing gas boiler

Gas heating is very comfortable and the use of modern condensing gas boilers and relatively cheap. It condensing water heating technology appears to be economically interesting. "Condensing gas boiler also uses the heat generated by condensation of the flue gases is therefore due to the higher combustion efficiency very economical. Quality boilers of this type offers up to 109% efficiency compared to a conventional gas boiler older can save more than 20% of the cost of heating, "said Roman Švantner zespolečnosti ENBRA that the use of stainless steel components renowned manufacturers of heat exchangers also determines the longevity of these devices . "In this type of heating is also advisable to monitor the commitments of the European Union's emissions. There is a European Commission regulation that prohibits the production of conventional turbo in the EU since September 2015. This will inevitably lead to a gradual transition to condensing technology, "added the Roman Švantner.

Heat pump: higher initial investment, but the low cost of heat

Heat pump, a device utilizing thermal energy from the air, natural borehole, surface water or the collector belongs to the most economical sources of heat. It is powered by electricity, whose price is relatively stable and experts in the near future, expect a big increase. "In comparison with other heat source heat pump, while higher cost - but they are outweighed extremely economical and comfortable operation. The cost of the heat pump with a normal household returns usually between the fifth and ninth year of operation, life quality equipment is, however, much longer, "describes the advantages of heat pumps Ivo Zabloudil from society ENBRA. According to experts, moreover, established manufacturers provide in meeting the terms of service extended warranty on the entire facility up to 10 years.

Solid fuels: Beware of boiler emissions

Heating with solid fuels, particularly coal and wood, the cheapest variant of heating houses. However, the problem may be the issue that when burning these fuels creates. At present, it is already possible to buy only the third boiler and higher emission class, which, thanks to the technologies used to better fuel burn. Boilers lower emission classes, which in many Czech households still serving, he even since 2022 inoperable. Solid fuel boilers also have lower operating comfort, because with the exception of automatic boilers require manual reloading. Experts further advise for optimal operation of the system mounted in the storage vessel, ensuring comfortable heat supply during the day. Thanks to a more suitable combustion cycle and reaches an estimated fuel savings of up to 20%.

Electricity: especially suitable for low-energy houses

Heating electricity mostly comes from all the most expensive variant. This does not mean, however, that the operation of the electric in any case did not pay. Heating electricity can be used mainly in energy-efficient homes that have well-sealed building envelope and low heat loss. The electric boiler, it is possible to regulate well and did not need to connect to the chimney. So no need to implement tight passage through the outer wall of the house. Electric boiler is often used as a supplement to the heat pump type air / water or directly part of its indoor unit. In this case care of house heating in very cold days, when such a heat pump performance decreases.

Increase fuel prices?

Although fuel prices and electricity does not rise as fast as in the past, it is still necessary to consider certain price movements. To use the heat pump and electric current talks stagnant or even declining electricity prices. Also, the price of gas has not changed much.

According to experts, can confidently predict electricity prices only two years in advance and during the years 2015 and 2016, the price of electricity not change too much. Also, gas prices will probably spite of various political factors that also affect stable.

The same can be said for solid fuels. The exception is the price of wood pellets. This could, over time, although slowly but steadily growing. This is primarily the growing demand for this quality fuel, not only in the Czech Republic but also in neighboring Austria and Germany, where Czech producers of this fuel is often exported. Prices vary but a lot of pellets during the year, appropriately timed purchase so you can save significantly.

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