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The paternity leave is interested

The latest survey agency Mediaresearch League for open men showed that men and women in the Olomouc and Zlín Region of the options of promoting active fatherhood in young children most attractive paternity leave.

According to a recent survey conducted by the League Mediaresearch Open Men (LOM) supports 93% of respondents introduction of paternity leave and to the same extent by both men and women. The survey thus confirmed what had become common practice. Dads want to be immediately after the birth of a child with his partner and child at home. At present, for this purpose, however, draw his annual leave. According to an older research Forms of fatherhood (2010) to 57% of fathers immediately after birth selects holiday, another 16% addresses this need by providing unpaid leave. He did not come therefore already in the CR time for the introduction of paternity leave? This is at least one week of paid leave reserved for fathers in connection with the birth of a child.

"We stand for a renewed debate about the possibility of paternity leave, which was launched in 2007 and then fell silent at the beginning of the financial crisis. Active fatherhood is a social trend and shared values ​​and our state it clearly does not respond yet. Paternity leave is still the European standard. "Says
Martin Jara, director of the League of Open men (LOM).

The role of the father in the first days and weeks of a child's life is particularly important. This is a crucial time for the initial establishing a relationship with the child's father and strengthening family ties. The first hour after birth is called gold because it is a feast for the whole family. Similarly, we week when both parents and child together, called "golden".

Institutional support fatherhood in this form is more than a symbolic gesture. It is also a practical step with positive impacts on families and society. Early involvement of men in childcare increases the chances that parents will later on this care to share and promote equitable distribution of housework between partners. It is also a source of quality of life today men.

Paternity in European countries is the norm
and offers men the opportunity to choose it at any date within a certain time after birth. Men can choose it in many European countries and takes an average of two weeks. Czech Republic is among the six EU countries that do not have institutional support for fatherhood anchored at all.

"The experience of paternity leave enriches man, family, society. Additionally motivates men to become interested in the topic of equal opportunities, "adds
Martin Jara.

The growing trend of men's interests on active fatherhood show further results of surveys carried out in the framework of Jersey Girl. More than 80% of men expressed interest in using the so-called. Bonus for the other parent's parental beyond. The introduction of the bonus for the second parent is obviously more difficult for the state budget. Paternity leave is a cheaper variant of promoting active fatherhood and also more in demand by men.

Source: tz LOM

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