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Prolonged constipation can lead to cancer, try figs, plums and fennel

Constipation is gradually coming to the forefront of the rankings of modern civilization diseases. Over the life he sees up to 50% of women and 25% men. Most frequently cause improper eating and exercise habits or nervous tension.

In winter, the risk of constipation even higher due to the almost zero movement, depression of winter weather and income imbalance of nutrients. In addition to the use of laxatives, which are not the solution, the treatment should be to rectify living habits. In this article we will focus on the causes of constipation and risks associated with the use of dangerous laxatives. Also present interesting tips for preventing constipation.

Not only the movement but also affects stress constipation

Among the topics discussed are increasingly across disciplines include contemporary lifestyle. Unhealthy way of life has unfortunately also affects the digestive problems and constipation followed. The most common causes of constipation include the already mentioned lack of exercise, they suffer up to 60% of the world population. Poor eating habits, low fiber intake are in addition to congestion also affects obesity. In the Czech Republic is currently about 54% of the population is higher than the optimum weight. Neglected risk of constipation is also nervous tension and stress. Less common causes include the use of drugs or pregnancy. Suffer from constipation to half of women and a quarter of men. If you belong to one of the risk groups, we should think about what we can change themselves for the better.

Prolonged constipation leads to cancer of the colon

It is often stated that the regular emptying should be done at least 3 times a week. It always depends on the amount of ingested food and fluids. The appropriate measure is therefore instead of frequency rather regularity and free of pain. When constipation usually comes as abdominal pain, feeling of heaviness and nafouklosti. We certainly should not underestimate this problem. "Prolonged constipation is a serious health problem. Due to inadequate bowel movement increases the risk of diseases of the colon, which can lead to cancer. Unfortunately, the Czech Republic has long maintained a 1st place in the rate of colon cancer in Europe, "says Klára Minczinger company of Generica.

Forget laxatives are addictive and solve the problem

Every day in the media, especially on television, we see advertisements for laxatives and miraculous tablets to suppress flatulence. Use of these products does not solve the problem long term. Conversely, regular use may have the exact opposite effect. Laxatives turn influence and weaken the bowel activity and thus slowing their normal function. Intestines are unnecessarily irritated, and this can lead to nerve damage. Also, there is a danger that after some time has been unable intestine without ever using laxatives to empty.

Plums, figs and fennel or efficacious helpers for constipation

The basic rules of proper food for constipation include adequate fluid intake. In winter we thirst as often as in the summer, so we should be enough water to double focus. The most common recommendations also include increased fiber intake. Avoid risky foods such as white flour products, black tea, rice or even excessive consumption of meat and sweets. On the contrary, it is recommended that an increased intake of fresh and dried fruits, whole grains, vegetables, legumes and nuts and seeds. Proper bowel function will support and friendly nature based products. "For relief from constipation are very effective figs and plums. Both kinds of these fruits contain large amounts of fiber and other nutrients that significantly improve the function of the digestive system and bowel movements. Alleviation of bloating and abdominal pain is suitable to administer herbs relieving abdominal cramps, such as fennel and mint. These contribute to the normal function of the digestive tract and promote healthy digestion, "says Klára Minczinger.

Movement and relaxation for proper bowel movement

A large percentage of people nowadays has a sedentary job. In the summer, take walks, go on trips and weather encourages us to the sport. In winter, however, most of us work all day and early darkness, tired and exhausted. Yet we in winter should find an activity that will give us prevent problems with constipation. When physical movement is put into motion and intestine and their food quickly passes. The movement also give us the energy we feel rested and will not gain weight. According to the experts, we should be active at least 30 minutes a day. In winter there is a solution in the form of visits to health centers and parks, where you can join the movement is relaxing in the sauna or hot tub.

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