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Life without tobacco? It takes more than just nicotine gum

On earth is approximately 1.3 billion smokers. Worldwide cigarettes annually kills about 12% of adults 30 years and above. This is another reason why many people try to do away with tobacco. Unfortunately, often unsuccessfully, as it only substitutes like gum or sprays is not enough.

Anyone who starts smoking one should know that it is something that later will not give up easily. Dependence on nicotine itself is a problem involving many areas of human life - from health to human relations. But if you manage to win such a fight, it's worth absolutely worth it! One should clarify at the beginning of a few things:
why smoke
why should or should not smoke,
if there is a willingness to compromise on their comfort for it to achieve life without cigarettes,
What a feeling and what to do generally bring about the fact that the fight against tobacco able to win.

I want to finally guess - what to do?

At this stage it is good to go to a specialist clinic where the doctor you discuss your problem, do some initial examination suggests a possible strategy of struggle. He or she shall also set the optimal dosage of nicotine therapy - too little nicotine is inefficient, too many turn can lead to symptoms of overdose. These include in particular:
pallor, cold sweat,
rapid heart beat,
headaches and mydriasis,
confusion or hallucinations.

In subsequent visits, counseling, moreover, make a check-up where you can see how you are doing your efforts. And let's face it, that observe some positive results of our own human effort is always encouraged.

Help nicotine substitutes

These products are compared to less harmful cigarette. They provide nicotine to the body, but not the other pollutants contained mainly tar. Weaning should therefore be slower and thus of little easier. The body slowly adapts to the new situation and the absence of cigarettes, then not so much "shock". In addition, when you succeed cigarettes with nicotine in the form displace patches, chewing gum etc., this therapy is also some safeguard against re "sáhnutí a cigarette." This is also true according to a study conducted on a group of students from the UK - those taking nicotine substitutes longer, they were often more successful than individuals who used them only briefly or not at all. According to the same study also showed that the least successful method is abrupt quitting smoking.

To really put an end to tobacco, visit some of the specialized centers. Advise you and in addition you will find that you are not alone.

Source: Quitting kouření.cz

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