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Despite the frost reigns in the Prague Zoo Spring

Stormy courtship, sparging rivals and fight for females. All this is happening these days in the unique desert exposure Kattakum in the Prague zoo. Although the Czech government in freezing weather and spring is still far started knocking on doors, its residents have woken up from hibernation. Visitors are thus offers an unusual spectacle as the real Central Asian desert.

Courtship and mating must be residents of the Central Asian exposure Kattakum catch a relatively short time. Unlike other animals have the entire process of reproduction, including colorful and exhausting courtship, only a few months. Summer heat is spending desert reptiles mostly in hiding in the sand and in winter fall into hibernation. "That is their current frenetic activity. When the males desert lizards often do they wear colorful clothes and showing off an engagement whole range imponujícího behavior. Whether bouncing, curling tails, sparging rivals and potential partners, ritualized biting or "klikování" to promptly nodding front of the body. Each type boasts another ritual and different kinds, though they are visually similar to each other does not matter, "explains curator of reptiles and amphibians Prague zoo Petr Velenský.

Kattakum exposure, representing the Central Asian desert ecosystem, visitors will find the middle of the pavilion of beasts and reptiles at the bottom of the Prague zoo. Together live here altogether eight kinds of lizards along the Central Asian steppe turtle and tortoise starry. "A substantial part of the exhibition is so unique. Central Asian barchan, ie sand dune vátého. Nowhere else in the world terrarium with this animal communities find, "says curator.

Although individual inhabitants of the desert terrarium differ in their lifestyle, they could meet even in their natural environment. "We are trying to accommodate everyone and with the right conditions to model them here. And it seems that we are succeeding, "he says enthusiastically Petr Velenský, which is behind the project stands unique terrarium. All species of animals that live in desert and exposure that could proliferate, in fact in a short time actually multiplied. One of the greatest achievements yet considered last rearing dabb lizard Mesopotamia, which multiplied Prague Zoo was the first ever in the world.

A spring began these days can also summon the inhabitants of the Prague zoo, who have already begun to lay eggs. Soon would be a garden could not wait pups for example in Kamchatka Eagles or Australian Magpie. Clutch of experienced breeders also by the beautiful, now critically endangered Lori Balinese. These beautiful parrots rapidly declining mainly due to the pressure of tourism and trapping for the pet market. At present, perhaps there are a few tens to hundreds of individuals on the island of Lombok. Bali has been lori Balinese probably extinct. The more joy are breeders from each successful breeding.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Author tz: Hana Szotkowská
Photo to tz: Tomáš Adamec

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