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Australian held a year vow of silence to bring attention to dumb

Australian James Aspe in January last year decided to hold a year vow of silence. His silence he wanted the animal rights activist pointed out how people behave towards animals.

Its annual silence wanted to catch people's attention to the conditions under which they are around the world keeping animals for human consumption. A vegan as he tried to bring other people to the board, which is not associated with animal suffering.

The first words uttered after a year of silence, was on a TV morning show Sunrise. "The reason why I gave my vote was to draw people's attention to the silent victims - the animals," said James ASPE.

"We often say that we love animals, that we are against animal cruelty. But while other people pay for it, so mutilated, beaten and mistreated animals. It's not because it would be a necessity. We do not need it or because of his health. Is it just for that, we love how meat tastes. That is why I gave my voice to draw attention to those who have none, "says ASPE.

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