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As to the safety of children in the car? Suitable establishment, dishes and accessories

Traveling by car with small and larger branches is currently nothing unusual. Aside from a brief trip to the doctor today, children routinely carry over longer distances, such as holidays to the sea. In every situation while our descendants number of dangers lurking. It is the largest you describe in the following article.

Children are being exposed to constant danger of accidents and injuries. Not only in familiar home environment, but also in the car just a moment of inattention problem in the world. Although space passenger car closed areas on a limited area, lurking here for our kids many dangers that many of us are often unaware. For example, the impact at 30 km / h can be fatal unrestrained adult, let alone a child transported.

Establishment in the wrong seat

One of the requirements of today's book for as little money as possible to buy music. That in this area leads to a variety of multifunction systems that will help with the transportation of your child as long as possible. But it is always necessary to monitor whether the child seat is in line with current needs and physical proportions transported the child. Your kids must feel to be ex- tremely well should be best protected in the event of an accident. It should be appreciated that a collision does not come only from the front direction but also from the side or from behind.

Header is therefore appropriate to provide support even in case of sudden sideways, it being understood that the smaller the child is, the more difficult it is. "Babies are seated in a cradle located either rearward facing seat belts, or special clamping ISOFIX for which already has the most modern cars built curtains in the seats, "says Lukas Fiala from" With regard to the safety of children is a good idea to hold the rearward-facing as long as possible, so they are best in case of an accident, "said Fiala, with that accident statistics confirm that the safest and best protected in a car seat is the place right back.

Hazardous placement of the child

Infants of course, is best placed in the cradle facing backwards on the right rear seat, which is a proven statistically the safest place in the car. Once the offspring grows naturally moves to larger seats placed along the direction of travel and the passenger seat. This basically nothing to prevent against general awareness in addition not need to shut airbags, which can seriously harm a child only when installing car seats facing backwards. As we know, children grow up faster than you realize, and soon you can reach into the proceedings, and operate a warning light is apparently still nejneškodnějším by surprise. Not to mention that in the passenger door child safety device is not.

Beware of consumption of food

It should be noted that, especially if a child in the car driver traveling alone, from a general perspective remains still primarily a driver who must monitor surrounding traffic and fully focus on driving. Eating food is a popular element to calm the little children on board, but the types of foods should be rigorously selected. If you child begins to choke on the highway, you get into a dangerous choice between continuing in driving and kříšením offspring. The ideal dish can thus be for example chopped fruit. On the contrary, they are unsuitable biscuits, crackers and other crumbling the substance that may surprise a child or adult part of the crew stress due to pollution of the vehicle or the child itself. For similar reasons, it should be regarded as little yogurt and dairy products increases production of mucus, drinking is ideal for special sealed container.

Against Stress can use accessories and toys

Even when traveling, the more the child will be more comfortable in the car feel, it will be safer and more enjoyable journey. Nowadays there are lots of nice accessories and toys into the car. While the sun to protect our smallest pinhole Snap windows and colorful blanket against the cold, before pressing the seat belt again elegant plush protector in the form of a favorite pet. Recommend can also stuffed animals and other toys, which in the case of an accident will not endanger the crew. Remember, however, is properly tie. If you fall to the ground, may unnecessarily stressed as a crying baby, so the driver. "With regard to the length of the path you need to plan what most numerous stops that serve to stretch the bodies of children and adults. Many of us do not realize that the highway is often not possible to stop . Therefore, he should look at the route the driver ahead and mark the resting places, "explains Lukas Fiala from" It is also suitable to prepare good music or videos that are not offensive to anyone on board, "says Fiala.

Transporting and sharp objects pose a risk

Loosely put your things in the passenger compartment or in the trunk in case of accident can pose a great danger not only for children, but also to the driver. Besides the child would not be any sports or shopping bag with food. A child should not be in your area also have no sharp-edged objects, will also appreciate it if you give him a cloth binder to postpone drink bottles, toys and other things. Quite specific to ride with a child and pet. Cats and bunnies should be transported in closed and confined in cages, larger animals will benefit in the baggage compartment, of course, with regard to the disposition of a particular car.

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