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Want to be healthy? Forget the sugar - weakens immunity

Not sugar as sugar. Complex carbohydrates contained in fruits, vegetables and grains are beneficial to health. On the contrary, simple sugars, which are accepted in the form of sweet lemonade or various sweets, can severely damage our bodies. Excessive intake of these substances reduces immunity, but is also for the development of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Sugar and immunity

Excessive intake of simple sugars damages the immune system of the human body. At least it shows the results of scientific research. According to doctors, can significantly decrease immune function already cause a quantity of sugar, as reflected in 3/4 liter of sugary sodas. Increased intake of simple sugars reduces the ability of white blood cells absorb bacteria for up to five hours after ingestion of sweet drinks or food. In contrast, intake of increased quantities of complex carbohydrates or starch does not have immunity to any negative effect. Even if sweets should therefore pay folk wisdom "everything in moderation".

If excessive indulgence in sweet adds long-term stress is off to a real problem. Stress is also adversely affects immune function. The combination of sweetness and stress brings an increased risk of transmission of infectious diseases, but also the possibility of autoimmune diseases and neoplasia.

Icky organism

Excessive intake of sugars and fats in the diet causes the development of diabetes. Chronic metabolic causes many complications, including damage to major blood vessels, retina, kidney and nerves. It is true that diabetes can partly genes. Lifestyle but can develop diabetes considerably delay or hasten vice versa. Nowadays, chemically sweetened products much cheaper than natural quality food, and so enormous consumption of carbohydrates leads to the development of obesity. The human body with excessive amount of sugar the order so that it converts to fat storage. Not only fat and sugar thus causes the formation of obesity. The conversion of sugar to fat causes increased levels of dangerous blood lipids, which may be worth developing heart disease or acute inflammation of the pancreas .

Sugar would be but certainly not become enemy number one. Complex, a complex carbohydrates and starches to the human organism most beneficial because they represent the main source of energy for our body. Therefore, we do your healthy diet should always include at least a piece of fruit or vegetables, and whole grain cereal products. By contrast, are clearly harmful to all sorts of goodies in the form of sweets or sugary sodas. However, even in this case, if indulge once in a while, so it does not happen again.

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Jakub Holešovský
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MD. George Náhlovský

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