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Švandovo theater opens the door for the deaf: they offer subtitles

Useful service for all viewers with hearing coming up in 2015 Švandovo theater: the first and currently the only scene in Prague them to selected performances will also offer simultaneous broadcasting Czech subtitles.

New concerns always one of the performances of the month.

Already on January 26 it will be a comedy Who's the director?
S Michael Long in the central role of false Director - one of the most popular games ever Smíchovské scene directed by Daniel Hrbek will have one day while longer 250th reprise.

"As a native Smíchovák meet since ancient times in this neighborhood a lot of deaf people, after all, just around the corner of the theater, in Holeckova street, for them to work special secondary, primary and nursery school,"
says Michael Long, the introduction of the Czech subtitles deemed an excellent idea. "If Thus Švandovo theater more open to people who have hearing any trouble, I just love it, "says the actor, who regularly appears in Smíchov and Švandovo theater considers its home stage.

Already on February 19 will be shown with subtitles Krakatit,
suspenseful tale of love burning scientific and fever staged by Karel Čapek's novel.
In March, she will follow Hamlet directed by Daniel Spinar, plans are also titles of Negative Thinking, The Idiots, Metamorphosis and Artisans.

Screening subtitles, usually English, offers a number of other theaters in Prague. In addition Švandovo theater is necessary ND Praha, Comedy Theatre, Theatre in Long or Vinohrady Theatre. Only U svand but the subtitles will run at selected performances also in English, so they can just read Czech understanding people with hearing disabilities.

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