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Recipe for'šmejdy'? That's how it should be done ...

Recipe for'šmejdy'? That's how it should be done ... Our grandfather is a retired bored. Beer could every evening, delete mariáš too - and she died grandmother, whom he quarreled because, he began to miss the excitement.

Then he was attracted leaflets from a company that organized the trips associated with the range of goods. We excused him. Grandpa was allowed to talk down and buy some money for expensive useless crap!

Grandpa but said he is not stupid. Flyers promises a trip deep. Not far away was in the army. Nalejvárnu endure and then looks to free the land of his youth. A Lenka - that is me - can come too, will learn about the history and give me attention when are you so afraid.

It was devastating. Grandpa wants a trip - and I have to because the holidays up at seven in the morning. This is suicide. How do I watch?

Demo, goods took place in the rural cultural center and early it seemed to me there let, but Grandpa said that together must have a nurse. Words moderator took up monstrously tan from tanning beds. Praised the kind of health blanket and unfortunately focused on Grandpa.

"You want to be healthy," he said. "Who would not want that? That is why you need our health blanket. And not just you! Quilt is non-allergenic, does not hold in her dust mites, such asthmatic beneath her pink sleep. Maybe even here your lovely granddaughter."
"That's not my granddaughter," said Grandpa. "But mistress."
I crawled under the table. Hall immediately ceased to interest blanket.
"Aha," faltered salesman. "But that certainly appreciate our health blanket."
"What is it?" asked Grandpa.
"From antiallergic fabric."
"The composition of the fibers I want to know, you idiots!" exclaimed grandfather. Seller found sewn tatters, it said 98% polyester.
"I'm not surprised that it mites do not go!" rasped mockingly father of the family. "Plastic! Who would have ate ?!"

Other vendor tools started doing this and here's grandfather had a number of questions: whether it is a hardened alloy - learned it.
"There is a nickel?" haste. There was a nickel. Also molybdenum, chromium, and vanadium.
"A cesium?" They assured him of course, that there is also cesium.
"Jesus," the startled grandfather. "Cesium is a radioactive !!! Why was there gave ?!"

I ran out of the room. The demo lasted another hour - a grandfather unattended ordered dishes for eighteen thousand. Home scolded me that I had neuhlídala. Over three days, a car came with a crate pans. Grandpa to her but did not.

"Wait, so this is not !!!" nasupili men from the van. "You signed a contract and payment schedule !!!"
"Did not sign," said Grandpa.
"Signed, here we go !!!"
"Show! Aha! So it will be a mistake," said Grandpa. "My name is Hrabánek."

Suppliers looked at the contract. Sweeping Scribble was written there: Polibtemišos.

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