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Tara Fuki baptizes album Winn. Aneta guest Langerová

Tara Fuki duo managed to prepare new album Winna extraordinary musical experience. Their new record is silent and Winna velvety night as a powerful and ferocious as spring flow at the same time.

Mutual understanding and creative sparks both ladies were in the recording so strong that it manages without guests and give the recall in the best sense for his debut Piosenki to dream. Now, four years after the fourth studio recordings Sens, Andrea Konstankiewicz with Dorota Barová together and intertwined their cellos and voices, and gave rise to nine tracks.

Two ladies, two cellos, two voices and their fifth studio album Winn .

"From the beginning we wanted to make a record again alone, without guests. We felt that the material and ideas are powerful. Of course, it's not entirely clean record songs as we play at concerts. We took advantage of the possibilities of the recording studio and do some songs we played out a dozpívaly other tunes. "The
result is acoustic recordings of strong melodies, which refers to the highly acclaimed debut Piosenki to dream.

Tara Fuki on previous recordings were also used electronics. This time the album is mostly electronics simple. "As the songs were created, so that really need to spice up the electronics were not. I think the work themselves as they are. I think it's also the fact that I'm always thinking acoustically ", tells Dorota Bar. She is the author of seven texts, which are, as in all previous recordings, in Polish. One exception is the album, and the only Czech text Dizziness, who wrote Andrea Konstankiewicz.

Andrea Konstankiewicz lives in France and the Czech Republic returns irregularly. Yet Tara Fuki continue their work. "It is true, that's a bit complicated preparation recordings, but four years is not such a long time. Additionally, in the meantime creating new songs that had some time to play concerts. But of course, the distance between the Czech Republic and France is playing a role. Also, my son was born, which now will be the year :) "she says Dorota Barová why Tara Fuki perform and record sporadically so. But the more the ladies focuses on the refinement of their records. And that is loved by both fans and critics and professional ladies already received three awards Angel.

Collection of nine songs carries in a very intimate atmosphere and urgent autumn and rain. Her gentle rhythmic repetitiveness encourages deeper perception transience of time and in conjunction with obsessional vocals Dorothy Bar brings us back to the prime beginning, where everything is still developing.

New Winna reaps great responses not only at home but also abroad. Album currently scores in Top 20 European charts and WMCE example, Stephen Carradine wrote in his review, "Winn is an amazing album That confounds me With its beauty." Whether able to charm the ladies to pass a new album and on stage, you can see soon, 1.20 Brno (Brno in the hall B.Bakaly, excellent special guest singer Beata Bocek) and 1.21 Prague.

In Prague, a special concert for the release of the album will be held at the Archa Theatre. Exceptional guest will Aneta Langerová.

Dorota Bar invites you to all concerts here .

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