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A retrospective of the work of Jiří Trnka launch program of exhibitions Pilsen 2015

A retrospective of the work of Jiří Trnka launch program of exhibitions Pilsen 2015 Extensive exhibition "Atelier Jiří Trnka" that completely summarize the personality Pilsen native and world-renowned artist Jiří Trnka, creating a team of top performers.

The author of the concept of the exhibition Jan Trnka works holder Czech Lion film Alois Nebel Noro holder, architect Miroslav Vavřina, who recently signed eg. The installation of the exhibition Bohuslav Reynek or curator Marcel Fiser of Art Gallery in Cheb. The exhibition opens to the public January 17, 2015 in the Town Art Gallery and Gallery of Jiří Trnka and will last until 10 May 2015.

Unique multimedia exhibition is dedicated to the work and life of this world famous animator, artist and illustrator, and captures key moments in a life themes throughout his life and long career.

Viewers will see the example key paintings Bethlehem, enchantment, Throne, unique sculptures Pseudolus, forest or sv. George, the famous illustrations of books Andersen's Fairy Tales, Caravan Fimfárum and dozens of other publications or charming puppet film from cult movies Old Czech Legends, Chap, Bajaja, Ruka and others.

Author of the project, the son of Jiri Trnka, Jan Trnka artist explains: "In addition to a number of exhibits give emphasis to attractive audiovisual projection and interactive installations. The visitor, for example, finds himself in the study of contemporary puppet film, which includes a replica of the original work of animators on current technology, which will allow visitors to try their hard work. "From an architectural point of view about the set design most prominent feature of the two-dimensional exposure studio windows with the newly established Animation: a view of the real "live" landscapes that enhance the illusion studio exterior.

Through the magic of film and animation, the viewer finds himself in a distant past decades, the artist enters a dreamlike reality, meet the protagonists of his films and illustrated books, sees a few moments the world through his eyes.

Jiri Trnka Studio exhibition prepared on the basis of the concept and scenarios Trnkova son John Pilsen association Animánie, Pilsen Municipal Gallery and Galerie Jiří Trnka. The exhibition is part of one of the eight flagship program projects of the European Capital of Culture 2015. Plzeň This flagship project is the exhibition Garden 2 Matthias and Jan Trnka and digitizing film Old Czech Legends in cooperation with the National Film Archive.

Exhibition Garden 2 converts Trnka poetics into a playful interactive workshops for children

While the exhibition Jiri Trnka Studio presents Plzeň native not only as a creator of animated films, but also as a painter, sculptor, illustrator and puppeteer, Exhibition Garden 2 opens the original world famous fairy tale for all who want to touch it firsthand. Six interactive installations invites you to a meeting with the cat, elephants, whales and dwarf and shows how the poetics of Jiri Trnka inspiring even today, thanks to new telling of Jane Matyas and sloe gin. Trnkova Exhibition Garden 2 takes place from 26 February to 24 May in West Museum in Pilsen.

"We decided to adapt Trnka Garden into an animated interactive exhibition, so we've set in motion, animate and create a variety of game elements. For example, children will tricycle chasing a cat will run away from them in the form of projections," explains the artist while grandson Jiří Trnka Matthias.

The book is full of humor and poetry that entertains and captivates several generations, will become a real world full of fantasy. Artists Jan Trnka and Matthias on the used material from family archives and created a unique project on the border of exhibitions, theater performances and animated film. The visitor becomes himself one of the heroes of the book - a little boy who discovers the entrance to the magical world of old gardens, in which diverse experiences adventures and pitfalls. The exhibition is therefore intended primarily for children, but it certainly will not be bored or their parents.
"We originally were going exhibition on the centenary of his grandfather's birth. We wanted to be a true homage to the original work, but to speak through new and current techniques and technologies addressed the young people today. Our goal is that every visitor to the exhibition myself actually inside the book and spent a meeting with her ​​hero firsthand, "explains
designer and animator Matthew Trnka that preparation lasted for three years.

Digitization project Trnkova film Old Czech Legends

Together with the Ministry of Culture and the National Film Archive shall Pilsen 2015 at the Festival Finale Plzen 2015 restored and digitized Trnka Old Czech Legends. Color puppet film by Jiráskovy original "Old Czech Legends" includes rumors of Forefather Czech, BIVOJ, girls War Libuši and thinks, Horymír, Čestmíra a war against Lučanům. Restoration of the film allows its placing in digitized cinemas in wide distribution in the Czech Republic and abroad, as close as possible to that which could see the audience at the first screening of the film in theaters. Premiere of the new commissioning restored copies for distribution will take place at the Festival Finale in Pilsen at the end of April 2015.

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