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Water price in 2015 rises again

From all over the country these days receive news about rising prices for water and sewerage. Typically, this is an increase of about two to five percent compared to 2014. However, for example in Semilsko next year will be the price of water and sewage per cubic meter even attack the limit of one hundred crowns, as we confirmed Milan Hejduk, chairman of the Association of VHS Turnov.

Price of water in Semilsko although among the highest in the country, rising but not avoid other areas, such as the Wallachian Meziříčí, Brno but also other cities. A rising prices then cause wrinkles on the forehead, not only for ordinary consumers from households, but leave in peace or operators of hotels, restaurants, schools, kindergartens as well as larger firms.

Water trying to save businesses and individuals

It carries with it annually preventive efforts to reduce water consumption, as confirmed by David Otáhal of society. "In connection with the information on price increases for water and sewerage always brings a big wave of interest in so-called energy-saving aerators. Then interested buyers generally subsides and again increases sharply when the get their hands on the first bill after the announced price increase. "

In doing so, the solution is not so difficult, is usually enough to fit existing faucet aerator should be simple in the price of about 200 crowns, which mixes water and air and guarantees the flow according to the selected value. In addition, consumers will not feel the change in comfort, but the savings in water consumption is noticeable, up 60%. And what's more. Czechs are actively interested in saving water especially if it affects their own wallets. From unofficial questionnaires show that they are staying at the hotel, for example, already anxious to water consumption are not usually.

What is the proportion of total housing costs

According to calculations Heating Association of the Czech Republic are the shares of individual housing costs following. The biggest share of wallet drained rent, up 35.5% of the total amount invested in housing. The following are costs to heat 25.1%, the share of electricity in 21.5% and water then pay an amount equal to 15.3% of the total, the remaining 2.8% will reimburse for garbage collection. According to David Otáhal is "from the above clearly shows that if we do not intend to move into cheaper, then you can save more or less water and energy. For them, then we will pay a monthly nearly 62% of the amount earmarked for housing. And over these expenditures will thoroughly consider and try to reduce as much as possible painless best time at the beginning of the heating season. "With water-saving but can start at any time.

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