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Unusual New Year's Eve: open air music festival and diving

Advent season does not entail only the frantic acquisition Christmas gifts and baking cookies. The pre-Christmas rush in fact adds a few other tasks that need to be resolved. And one of them is a good plan for New Year's Eve and celebrate the new year.

While some spend this time in the mountains or in the warmth of home, while others prefer to embark on unconventional places and try new New Year's Eve and New Year's tradition. It is for them we bring you some tips to say farewell to the year 2014.

Tip: You miss the summer festivals? Go to Edinburgh

The royal city of Edinburgh is tempting because of its rich Scottish culture. Also in time for Christmas to live here, New Year's Eve together with the new year, is to celebrate four days. Edinburgh's "Hogmanay" or New Year's Eve is the biggest of these celebrations. It falls on December 31, when all together go to the streets and drinking traditional Scottish whiskey. Feast ranks among the world's largest event of its kind, and since 1993, when the local city council revived the feast of live music on Princess Street, one of the largest urban streets. "Its unusual celebrations carry the festival spirit. The whole street is occupied by food stalls and alcohol directly on the streets and live music, the program is packed with representatives of modern Scottish music scene as well as representatives of traditional music. This year's New Year here opens, for example, Lily Allen and one of the most purely Scottish bands The Keilidh, "says Michal Tuma from the travel agency INVIA. Another spill is New Year "Dogmanay" which is a sled dog race through Holyrood Park.

Tip: Lots of luck in the new year will ensure a single visit to Madrid

The Spanish capital city should serve all who need it in the coming months next year is really a good dose of luck. In addition, the city charms series of spectacular buildings predominantly Renaissance style, is also known for its bustling Puerta del Sol with city hall. Now here is the customary New Year's Eve at midnight chime of bells eat with every beat of hours per berry grape. Who will pick up in this short time demolish all 12 berries will have in the next 12 months endowed nothing but happiness and success. Madrid, moreover, is only approximate 4-5 hours drive from the seaside destination Málaga where you can leave New Year's Eve supplement for walks on the beach, wellness treatments and great seafood.

Tip: Who does not like to celebrate the New Year, appreciate staying in Sri Lanka

There are also some who noisy and wild welcoming the new year, not just in vogue. Now those offers sightseeing trip to Sri Lanka, where it is officially celebrating the new year from the 13th to the 14th of April. In December, the temperature is around a pleasant 25 ° C and Christmas time can be spent in peace Buddhist temples and palaces. Preparing sandwiches certainly replace as diving and windsurfing, and another challenging year we can prepare with the help of the local system of traditional medicine called Ayurveda, which in addition to herbal aromatherapy uses special anti-stress breathing exercises. Still flowing after Christmas time reminds great visit some of the farms with exotic spices, which are widely grown, which include the need cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander or even cocoa. To toast to the new moon can symbolically local liquor arak, made mostly by distillation Date Fruit wine, which is flavored with anise.

Tip: No resolution in Russia New Year greeting "imbibed"

Who likes to enjoy the winter holiday period at low temperatures and frost, this mountain resort can replace the need for a holiday in one of the Russian cities. He also arises the opportunity to experience once again the classic Christmas spirit. "Russian New Year revelry is typified by the first family celebrating at home. It is interesting that there should not miss the Christmas tree or jolka together with mutual distributing gifts. New Year's Eve is so connected with our traditional Christmas Eve. For example, in Moscow before midnight celebrations then transferred to Red Square, fireworks lit pompous, "says Michal Tuma from the travel agency INVIA, which mediates many special New Year holidays. Failures, asking New Year's resolutions can be replaced in Russia by local traditions, which include, for example, saying so desire, you will hear how many strokes of the clock. Some locals even write their wishes on a piece of paper that burns and added to the champagne with which to toast. He believes that this is all true.

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