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4 tips for a slimmer Christmas: Against try sweet chrome

Advent and Christmas approaching pose a threat to the slim body. Sweets, fried food, family visits with abundant refreshments and television fairy tales can be guaranteed way to gain weight within a few days. In this article, we have prepared some tips on how to avoid Christmas weight gain.

On gluttony is forearmed advance

Preparing for Christmas itself starts during Advent. In this preparation, however, is not just about cleaning home baked cookies and hunting gifts. At Christmas, you should prepare your body especially. The ideal is to periodically update a substance that helps rid the body of dangerous toxins. "Because of clogging the body of toxins can cause water retention in the body. The body that holds water, often looks opuchlejší and therefore fatter. Toxins may also consider that you have a greater appetite for sweets or fried foods, "says Klára Minczinger, product manager Generica." Rid of the undesirable substances is ideal to cleanse the liver and strengthen the intestinal microflora. To detoxify the liver helps extract of milk thistle, silymarin called. The improvement of the intestinal microflora, then you can try to replenish the bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum. Ideal in a form that ensures their resistance against gastric acid, "advises Minczinger.

Romance in a snowy landscape

Physical activity during the Christmas season in many households shrinks to decorate the Christmas tree and the occasional errand to the kitchen for something good to eat. It is precisely during the Christmas period, you should pay close attention to the movement. But it may not be a no professional sport. Just everyday, at least thirty-minute walk. If you manage it in its program to include in the morning, you can be sure that you have your body well started on the day. At regular exercise during Christmas should remember especially women. These, according to statistics in sports generally significantly less than men. Especially between the 45th and 59th year of more than 50% of women can not find time to sport, while for men it is only 30%.

When carp swim in oil

Christmas dinner is one of the most important points throughout the Christmas season, and also in terms of weight maintenance. Traditional christmas operation is fortunately possible largely relieved. For example, in potato salad can give yogurt instead of mayonnaise. If in addition, to increase the share of salad vegetables at the expense of eggs, definitely not make a mistake. The usual carp is of course an excellent choice. However, if you fry in a sea of ​​oil, it becomes basically a ticking time bomb of calories. This Christmas, try carp prefer to bake, like vegetables. If you do not give up frying, get early a pan that does not require a large amount of fat.

What beehive, a glass of water

What would Christmas be without candy and chocolate. Ideally you will them to maintain weight should be avoided, or at least replace fruits and vegetables. However, the temptation is strong. Therefore, try to observe at least the following advice. If you bake cookies diet, you should eat per day more than 4 pieces. Before each of them drink water. This ritual will help fill the stomach and nespořádat more so sweet. "If you can not resist chocolate, reach for the higher cocoa content. Usually, contains much less sugar and fat. If you are chasing a sweet tooth, so to speak, sharpens. The level of sugar in your blood is not balanced, so your body calls for increased intake of sweets. Then it is good to include in the diet chromium, which helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels, "says Klára Minczinger of Generica company that for regular daily intake of chromium recommended, for example effervescent tablets.

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