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With the Christmas tree as a flower: cut back and put into the water

Approaching the moment when the door of his apartment Pass the Christmas tree. What with him to last through time? Firstly, it is necessary to cut the tree trunk and put into the water. Old cut'll be drenched pitch a tree could not suck water. You can spray water and needles, because trees take it moisture. Secondly, it is necessary to put the tree somewhere in the cold, ideally in a place not exposed to direct sunlight. And thirdly, the instruction Christmas wellbeing stand looking at the tree.

If you ever wondered whether, where the Christmas trees are taken, then the vast majority of them are intentionally grown on plantations. And again, in the vast majority of trees in terms of imports. Europe's largest growers are given. According to Jaroslav donuts from the Forestry Faculty of the Czech Agricultural University grow to 12 million Christmas trees annually. In the Czech Republic it is grown on the order of 300 thousand trees. Your Christmas tree will most likely imported from abroad.

If you want to be sure that the tree comes from legal plantations or from forest thinning necessary, ask the seller to the origin of trees. Growers Association Chairman of Christmas trees František Valdman advised to look at the label Stromce Growers Association Christmas trees and warns against selling trees from a truck somewhere in the parking lot.

If you are looking for Czech tree, not to mention grown eco-friendly, then you can get a tree-certified sound forestry Forest Stewardship Council. Smrčků with FSC or sales outlets but not much .

FSC certification guarantees that the cultivation of forest plantations do not produce a single type, intended only for the planting and subsequent "harvest" of Christmas trees. Jedličky or spruces are usually chosen individually and considerate to the forest vegetation during the planned thinning, which contribute to balanced growth forest.

Under ordinary tree growers and according to the ministry of agriculture and the plantations of Christmas trees nature beneficial. Christmas tree plantations on agricultural land can act as erosion control measures, the source of oxygen absorber dust or as a shelter for small animals, including birds.

The import

Find out exact figures on the number dovozených Christmas trees is impossible. The Ministry of Agriculture are no statistics on imports (but not cultivation with us) does not. A Czech Statistical Office galvanize only importers who in a calendar year importing goods for more than 8 million CZK and are subject to VAT. However, experts argue that the main countries from where we import to cut Christmas trees, Denmark, which is in terms of Christmas trees kind of superpower.

What trees are grown most? According to information Hynek Jordan Department of Agriculture are the most represented different kinds of fir (40%), followed closely by the blue spruce (30%), followed by pine (20%) and lowest in Norway spruce (10%). Christmas borovičce same time takes about five years to grow to the desired height of 1.8 m. Jedlím it takes longer, 7-8 years, and are therefore more expensive.

A very small part of Christmas trees come from plantations, but the so-called. Forced thinnings, Hynek Jordan estimates that it is within 10% of total production Christmas trees.

Author: Andrew Martin Mach

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