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Bear Trail in Sumava in a new guise

On the whole Šumava you can walk more than twenty nature trails. The most ancient in Šumava and second oldest in the Czech Republic is the Bear Trail in the southern part of the Bohemian Forest, which this year The National Park and Protected Landscape Area restore information panels.

"The idea of reconstruction trails in addition to the renewal of existing panels also accompany the other rock formations in the original guide, published in 1967. After years and visitors will see as" dragon's mouth ", which until recently hiding behind tree branches and bushes. This rock his dragon form shows especially in winter when it thanks odtávajícímu snow and frost grow sharp "teeth" in the form of icicles. Restored and was also accompanied by signposting paths. The panels were produced in carpentry in Kašperské Mountains, whose staff then also in cooperation with the guards was planted panels and signs in the field, "explains Margaret Rudlová of project management department of the NP and PLA, which has a revival Bear Trail in charge.

"Her recovery but still not quite finished. Awaiting her repair of wooden steps in the direction of Oatmeal and reconstruction of sidewalks poválkových at Deer lakes and springs wobbling between Stone and beauty, "says Margaret Rudlová.

Since the construction of the trail, which is the first nature trail in South Bohemia and the second oldest in the Czech Republic, passed this year already 48 years old. It was created on the initiative of a personal fault of Prachatice environmentalists - Ales Záveského, Vratislava Francl and Bohuslav Naus and last underwent restoration in 2001.

The trail is not only about rock formations, such as the Chapel, Hřib or wobbling. It passes through several sections of mixed forest and sometimes even beautiful natural regeneration of fir. In the hart Vrších can not escape the attention of major technical work - Schwarzenberg canal with 419 m long tunnel. The navigation system has been engineered and Deer Lake.

"The trail is open year-round, it can therefore visit this year. It is intended solely for pedestrian visitors, only in the winter with good snow conditions in the region Deer Hill - Black Cross country skiing track. The entire trail from Oatmeal through the Black Hills Deer Cross measured 15 km. The most challenging but also the most beautiful part lies between oatmeal and Deer Lake. Now here is the numerous rock formations caused by weathering of granite, "says spokesman Administration Šumava Jan Dvořák.

And why "Bear" trail? Part of the trail leads along the so-called "Bear Path" (Bärenstrasse). It is located near Bear Stone, a memorial on the spot zástřelu želnavské Ursa, one of the last šumavských bears. After this trip was also the bear, killed 14. 11. 1856, transported from the places where she lived for many years. The rugged terrain, rock crevices, overhangs and caves, hidden in extra time hardly penetrable woods were ideal environment for bears. In the location where you trail guides, lived there in the mid-19th century, one of the last bears South Bohemian Sumava.

Source: tz Šumava NP

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