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Climate Lima - dress rehearsal for Paris

Climate Lima - dress rehearsal for Paris Today begins in Lima two-week climate conference. Its aim is to prepare a proposal for a global agreement on climate protection to be adopted next year in Paris. Approved to be a detailed plan on how to reach the final text. The conference will be attended by representatives of almost all countries of the world.

One of its most important outcomes will be a list of criteria by which individual states by March next year will prepare its proposals will reduce emissions. The conference will also address how to accelerate the pace of cutting emissions, which is currently insufficient.

In Lima will also examine the long-term goal of global climate protection - to keep the average temperature rise to 2 ° C. Experts will primarily evaluate whether this target is in line with the latest scientific findings which summarized the fifth report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Their recommendations will form the basis for the planned new agreement on climate protection.

The climate is so once again returned to the most important political issues. On the occasion of the summit, which convened in September UN chief Ban Ki-moon, marched New York and other cities around the world thousands of people including celebrities, requesting its effective protection.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued a new evaluation report, which summarized the current scientific knowledge on climate change and warned of growing risks deepening its changes. The report calls on the international community to end the use of fossil fuels and move to clean energy.

Representatives of the EU, China and the USA first presented their long-term commitments to reduce emissions. Union plans to cut emissions by 40% by 2030 compared to the level in 1990. China has promised that its emissions begin to decline at the latest around 2030, and the US wants to reduce by 26-28% by 2025 compared to 2005. Now it is necessary that joined them other countries. Czech Republic's position is clear from the position of the EU, although some key national strategies (eg. Updating the national energy policy) rate of emissions reductions under the EU's commitment not match.

"The Czech government has promised to prepare a law providing for mandatory tempo reducing dependence on fossil fuels. This is a promise of future commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With the next year are not enough, we need to really take the law,"
said George Koželouh, Program Director Rainbow Movement.

"Politicians are already there were no excuses not to adopt ambitious climate measures. The scientific conclusions are clear Support is high and the economic benefits of timely measures implemented indisputable. Not on what to expect,"
said Barbora Urbanová, coordinator of the Climate Coalition.

Jan Kejzlar, CARE director, added: "It is essential that governments have committed themselves to create a fair funding mechanism for loss and damage caused by climate change. Especially for regions that are not necessarily looking for technical and financial resources to adapt to ensure food security for the poor and vulnerable . "

Klára Sutlovičová from Greenpeace to the topic says: "The recent announcement of an agreement China and the US to reduce emissions gives hope that the other major polluters not lag behind. We expect that on the table appear more interesting numbers, not only in terms of emissions, but as well as the protection of forests. "

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