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Christmas festival in theaters ABC and Rococo fourth time

Christmas festival in theaters ABC and Rococo fourth time Four Christmas performance, angelic pavilion, mail to Santa Claus, art workshops and Christmas markets nonprofits and something to eat waiting for you on Saturday 6th December at ABC and Rococo theaters, where it will be the 4th annual Christmas festival. Come to relax from the Christmas stress and tune into the right Christmas atmosphere.

With their children can watch four productions with a Christmas theme, played theaters across the Czech Republic (Brno Theatre at the table, Drak Theatre Hradec Králové, Jihlava Horácké Theater and the Municipal Theatre Prague). The accompanying program will run free in the ABC Theatre 14 to 21 hours you can look forward to the angel's party, mail to Santa Claus, art workshops and Christmas markets of non-profit organizations.

Program Christmas Festival
or what can children enjoy:

10:30 Ježíškova shirt (Theatre at the Table Brno) - Rococo Theatre
Do you know where in the world Nightingale took a lark, daisies, bees and wasps? You know the tears of the Virgin Mary, and you know why trembling aspen and how Thyme got its name? Poet Jan Zahradníček us to answer leads to Bethlehem. Kindly vibrant and amusing legends for children, following up on an old folk tale of Christ the Lord, interweaves the story of flowers, birds and people with the story of Jesus' birth. The simplicity of ordinary things are able to see the size of a miracle.

15:00 Christmas Eve occurred (Drak Theatre Hradec Králové) - ABC Theatre

Christmas is meeting. From house to house flows crowds in the hands of boxes and boxes, which can transmit and taking away others. And according to statistics, there is evidence that during the Christmas holidays, even the most for the full year suggests. Well, Christmas is a communal life. I Theaters actors DRAGON want your viewers and diváčkům make you happy and give them a gift. Although not packaged or does not lie under the tree, because it is a performance. Introducing a stack of Christmas carols, tales and a pleasure to meet you, adults and children. Learn what you do not know, see what you've seen before, hear what you heard about everything that can happen on Christmas day ... Did you know that an angel of the Lord broke his sleigh?

17:00 Christmas punch (Horácké theater Jihlava) - Rococo Theatre

Advent cabaret for adults and children, a play about the birth of Jesus in an unusual submission. Christmas pun on the motives Christmas plays peace to his people, a comedy about a star of Bethlehem games and other ... In heaven, all busy, preparing for the arrival of a new life. Heaven's waiting room is full of angels, who like children on Christmas Eve scan the horizon where the sky lit up the first star when the door is opened and locked room and before they become glittering Christmas miracle. But the waiting time is so long ...

19:00 Czech Christmas (Municipal Theatre Prague) - ABC Theatre

Czech Christmas is not Christmas game in the classic sense, but very quirky adaptation of the famous old story, which is inspired by folk baroque theater, ladovskými manger and the majority of today's atheistic society that has long since Christmas does not see as festivals celebrating the birth of God. Everything is in the spirit of exaggeration and a great story brings unexpected and paradoxical situation.

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