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Christmas Ice Summer: Loser (s)

Christmas Ice Summer: Loser (s) The original performance Loser (s), performed by acrobats and performers, which was part of the Summer Summer is shifted to the winter heated big top. Behind the project winners Czech Slovakia's Got Talent - acrobatic duo Daemen, even if the adjustment can only see Peter Horníček.

The project jerked attendance records, and so the organizers decided for a Christmas special called Ice summery, but this time the Exhibition Grounds. Here the "Losers" will feature a total of thirteen times, and at a time 2 to 31 December of each 19 hours. So if you have not yet had the opportunity to see this number - you can take advantage of another opportunity. You will not regret it.

Under the direction of acclaimed choreographer Jarek Čemerka a newly-created circus LOSER (S). The story of this production is inspired verse of Anne-Marie Mlezivová called Fateful shadow. Introducing wants to be a current reflection of the fact that in today's accelerated pace of many people lose their personality and vision as his private life and partner. He wants to wonder where our boundaries are found, who is our model, love and partner. "Name Loser (s) is actually derived from the present time, when women are self-sufficient, when the differences between the sexes have pushed into the background, and therefore we men at the same time we do not know is that our role, "explains Peter Horníček.

The great success of the project lies in the professional accomplishments, good dance and choreography, precision, dynamism and spontaneity. Add to this a love story, a timeless theme for reflection and accompanying live music with stand-up comedy performed by beatboxer Andrew Havlik alias En.drua.

That could be briefly summarized as a new project in which you welcome the beginning of a flight attendant who bid the passengers happy years and releases them film about men fighting for one strong girl who desires to control your life and very few people they turn to heart. Men fight for it using salt, somersaults in the air and on the ground, the balancing techniques at hand and not least contemporary dance. Figure of a girl dancer portrays John Crow, which often happens during alternates acrobat Jan Telcová, which is sort of her alter ego, physicality, parts of her personality that is not afraid to take risks.

This topic is of course given in a very entertaining package. Throughout the comic situation just old stewardess, presenter and music and beatboxer in one person, that Andrew Havlik. The performerským its multitasking using loopstation, a device that is repeated in loops simultaneously recorded tracks, the show brings a set of sounds. His manly strength and dancers will perform Losers Henry Mansion, Luke Machacek, Matthew Rambo, Rambo and Vitek Petr Horníček. The second Daemen, Zdeněk Moravec, helps only a producer.

Trailer of performance you can see here .

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