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9 years of free gifts

9 years of free gifts Christmas time is coming and here and there we begin to exchange ideas and tips on Christmas gifts. We have learned to deal with it calmly, shops and the internet are full of interesting things. Try this year to win one of the Christmas gifts on

This year we have a choice of partners for the competition focused largely on Czech companies, products, products ... in short, the golden Czech hands (and brains :)). We will be very glad if you join us, you, our readers, connect and support it also. And perhaps not only participation in our Big Christmas Competition ...

The principle of competition on Christmas gifts is not changed, it still goes on, naklikat to in the competition this year - from November 10 to December 15 - the most competitive cards.

The more tickets you find, the better chance you have of winning. And when the time comes when you say that you have the gifts but really should buy, so maybe in that moment it arrives with your postman. Do not believe? Try it! Nothing in this're not.

When competition is possible to set elk hide, therefore you will not needlessly display lots of gifts that you do not need.

Dear visitors, c ELA editors, all of our colleagues, as well as regular competitions and new partners wish you peaceful and relaxing Christmas time.

Thank us still in large numbers visit.

How to Christmas competition free?

  • The competition consists in collecting "tickets" with a picture of your chosen gift on any page of the magazine.

  • Christmas "tickets" are located in the right-hand column (below the logo with the words FiftyFifty editors).

  • Every registered user magazine clicking on "los" this "los" and gets a chance to win a gift appropriate.

  • Every day you can get even more "tickets" to one gift. New "lots" are displayed throughout the day.

  • If you pick up for the moment all you displayed and no other lots currently not available, you will be notified! You know exactly what time it is necessary to go back, you do not need to click and search for "the void".

  • After each click on los occurs ten-lag. Only after ten seconds and another lucky you can find a lot more.

  • Will draw for tickets to each relevant gift separately.

  • A current list of gifts you can find below this text, probably during the competition will grow

  • Collect this moose is possible from 10.11 - 12/15 2,014

Good luck! ;-)


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