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Online shopping in the EU - you know your rights?

Christmas shopping is fast approaching and consumers more than ever are starting to look for advantageous offers to purchase goods on the Internet. Traders turn looking for new markets in other countries, so some focus on Czech Republic. Shopping in European e-shops risk? And what to do in case of a claim?

Many Czech consumers still suffer from the feeling that their rights when shopping in other EU countries are weaker than in the Czech Republic. This may apply when buying in stores (although some states have stronger protection of consumer rights), but when buying over the Internet is not the case. "The European institutions namely the consumer as the weaker side of the business relationship support in the Rome I Regulation, which stipulates that the cross-border online purchase at a merchant from another EU country, the consumer usually such rights to what is used in your home country, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest.

This is especially true for purchases at merchants who somehow focus on Czech customers. "For example, if you offer a Czech version of its e-shop or state that in the Czech goods normally shipped and the like. Czech customer has in such cases is not only available day deadline to withdraw from the contract, but also a two-year warranty on purchased products, "explains Thomas Večl, Director of the European Consumer Centre in the Czech Trade Inspection (ESC).

People also fear that a complaint at a distance is difficult, and sometimes wonder how it will apply when the trader is far beyond. It's the same as when a customer buys from the merchant Aše of Hodonína. Both divides large distance and reclaimed goods sellers not ride by car, but sends mail. Moreover, in the case of a justified claim, the trader is obliged to reimburse the costs associated with sending goods at the lowest required amount, thus as postage.

Warning against rogue but is never enough. Years ago dTest and ESC pointed out that one of the characteristics of fraud can be bad Czech. "That's not necessarily true, and not only because of higher quality internet translators. Recently Olomouc police arrested the trio fraudsters from Silesia, who offer cheap electronics, but never delivered. Deceived demonstrably 240 consumers and caused them damage for a total of more than one million crowns, "says Luke Green.

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