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Bombs destroyed my roof ..

In eastern Ukraine, the humanitarian situation is still tense. More than 842,000 people have been forced by the fighting to flee their homes and 415 000 people did the conflict refugees in their own country. Temperatures in addition, at night fall to zero and people trying to repair houses damaged by bombing, which had to survive the winter.

Residents weary month of fighting and instability often lack money even for basic food and medicines. People in Need, therefore, in addition to the regular distribution of food parcels and medicines to local hospitals has identified the most affected households and started them with the help of EU funds distribute essential for repairing damaged houses. The staff team at the same time help the elderly with basic repairs. Ukrainian team of People in Need in addition before winter equips nine refugee centers, where resorted hundreds of refugees from conflict zones. Twelve more centers will equip together with UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).

Team of People in Need (PIN) along with partners and local councils chose the first 105 most affected households. "The 24 of them last week arrived asbestos to repair the roof. We have already prepared and glass that will be cut exactly according to the needs of individual families in the affected villages, "says program coordinator of the People in Need Catherine Kodysová with the fact that such assistance will be donated to a total of more than 300 households in the Donetsk and Luhansk region.

The first consignment of material headed to the village Semjonovka that when the fighting was between rival military bases and most of the houses there is damaged. Among them the house pětapadesátileté Lyubov Volosheny. "When the fight began, it was horrible. Two bombs landed in the garden and two in the yard and shrapnel damaged the main roof and porch, "says a woman who before the war worked as a cleaning lady at a local school.

Without help I would repair the house mismanaged

But that is now destroyed. "Luckily I managed to find another job, but it's only part-time," says his situation the mother of three children. Many of her neighbors to damaged houses yet returned. "I came back because I have no where else to go," says Lyubov. To repair the house but has only modest savings and even stand at this moment does not help.

"In our village there is a group that got together to negotiate with the authorities and provide assistance to people. Leader of this group has prepared a list of people who have been hit and that gave authority - because their own lists are not complete. Based on this list and contacted me people from the People in Need, "says Lyubov how to reach her ​​Czech assistance.

Team of People in Need examined the situation on the ground and only then decide on the delivery of material. "Most people houses corrects itself, but those who will not make it, it will help experienced team," says Catherine Kodysová. "The first fix the roof and the house certainly wait out the winter, "plans Lyubov Voloshena." Without the aid of People in Need repairs would not make it. I am happy that someone is willing to help us, "he adds. Report on material aid of People in Need has spread quickly and people on it are of great interest. "The consignment thousands of pieces of asbestos cement and hundreds of square meters of glass in the next few days will be donated to Debaltseve directly on the frontline," says Catherine Kodysová.

Thermal insulated windows and doors or stoves for refugees

Hundreds of families also still reside in dormitories, convalescent homes or children's camps. They came here because their house is destroyed or is expelled conflict and can not return. The problem is that these centers are not designed for habitation during the winter months and therefore is a team of People in Need, together with ECHO (the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection) prepare for winter.

"In the centers of heat insulation lagging windows and doors, wells and water pipelines or provide divorce electrics throughout. Centers in addition furnish beds, blankets, bedding, heaters or stones and sometimes even the boiler, "explains Catherine Kodysová. The owners and even local authorities is executed agreement that the refugees will be able to over winter in the centers remain.

People in Need while continuing with the distribution of food to people most affected as the supply of drugs to hospitals. Together with WFP (World Food Programme) also began with a pilot distribution of food vouchers to local supermarkets for 10,000 people. Until yesterday, today, on the account of SOS Ukraine gathered nearly 8.5 million. Another 1.5 million donated by the donor members of the Club of Friends of People in Need.

Source: tz PIN

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