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Inflammatory bowel disease is increasing. It's the life in cities?

Over the last 40 to 50 years, the incidence of IBD has increased rapidly, especially in Europe and North America. In contrast, in developing countries, these diseases are still rather rare.

According to a new study, people who grow up on a farm only half the risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease. The fact that the incidence of allergic disease depends on the environment that surrounds us, it is a known fact. However, the dependence classical inflammatory disorders (which include non-specific inflammatory bowel diseases , namely ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease) of the ambient environment information is completely new.

Protection can ensure the country

In the study, researchers found the following: people born after 1952, who spent the first five years of life on a farm between live animals are much better protected against inflammatory bowel inflammation than the oldest participants in the research. In fact, it was revealed that a group of the oldest in the environment played no role in developing the disease. This finding leads scientists to believe that the increase of inflammatory bowel disease and urbanization are related, as more and more children growing up in urban areas.
The development of the immune system is finished in the first years of life.
It appears that the ambient environment may have on the development of immunity significant effect.
The environment in which the child grows, this could play an important role in a possible future risk of nonspecific intestinal inflammation.

Bacteria do not always harm

Scientists do not yet know the exact mechanism of this difference, but believe that the proper development of the immune system is dependent on exposure to sufficient quantities of microorganisms. And since the difference between urban and rural microenvironment for the last century very deepened and people in cities are exposed to a much smaller number of bacteria, this explanation seems quite plausible.

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