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Average Czech consumes 130 kg of paper per year

Although there is a global computerization, classic paper in the office environment is still an irreplaceable role. Over the past quarter of a century its consumption has tripled and average Čech use it year to 130 kilograms.

In the Czech Republic are emerging companies that are trying to correct paper consumption and regulate, or to become an office without paper status. These attempts, however, does not necessarily lead either to save. This article shows why the paper is also indispensable nowadays, what effect has on the human brain and the steps which companies can effectively reduce paper consumption.

Manual signature on paper documentation is a symbol of prestige and reading the paper is more efficient

Most scientists and educators agree that reading the paper is more efficient than reading from a monitor. While reading the paper thoroughly human brain thinks over the content of messages and at the same time experiencing emotions. Physical contact with the paper, your brain also have organized and better able to store information. The surveys also show that when reading paper documents, people have less tendency to fatigue than when drawing information from electronic publications. The mechanical nature of paper and writing tools also supports creative work and stimulates creative thinking. Transmission of finished documents are then part of the social aspects of social interaction in the company, which often take place in the discussion, which would workers within the email tackling. It is interesting that even in the age of electronic signatures managers prefer the physical existence of key documents and contracts. Handwritten signature is currently still generally considered a symbol of prestige and dignity.

Non-decreasing popularity of the use of paper and show statistics. Over the last 25 years, according to data from Activa paper consumption in the Czech Republic has more than tripled and spending it in the corporate sector will not decrease. Annually, it sells the Activa 7,500 tons, representing 1 billion and 500 million sheets of paper.

Average Bohemia according to data for use about 130 kg of paper.
This value falls all paper goods such as hygiene, packaging, paper, binders, folders, labels, receipts, and the like. U xerographic paper then falls on every citizen of the Czech Republic approximately 1,200 sheets, which represents about 6 kg. In Western Europe, citizens use on average 3 kg more paper, which confirms the efforts of Czechs environmentally friendly. The largest consumers of office paper are government offices and administrative and analytical company. It is these subjects first introduced programs reducing paperwork, whether you call it austerity or green úřadováním. According to available statistics, companies can reduce paper consumption by 10% to 30%.

Double-sided printing reduces costs by up to one-fifth

Up to a quarter of the space on the paper can be saved by modifying the edges of the document before printing or using the space-saving fonts such as Arial. Significant savings in printing firms and individuals may bring proper formatting documents and check the print preview. For example, only the introduction of double-sided printing saves when used in internal documents as well as one-fifth the cost. Equally important is the correct settings for printers and print management central system. By reducing the costs of paperwork companies should also always actively involve their employees. They should be trained to use all the functions on printers and communication channels, and also remember to not print documents unnecessarily. According to estimates today because every third document will end up in the trash the same day it was printed.

Cheaper papers, paradoxically, can get expensive

When buying paper should always play a major role in terms of quality and price in relation to the function to which the company will use paper. "Buying cheap low-quality securities with high dust levels may end up clogging the printer, resulting in the company will come out much more expensive. Wrong optical properties of paper in turn results in a slight decrease in the press, "explained Martin Holoubek from the company Activa, which is the market leader in the provision of services and equipment for offices. Very interesting way to reduce the cost of paper, is to select leaves with lower weights. While in the Czech Republic have a standard of 80 g / m2, in the United States office while maintaining the same quality of print enough paper about 5 grams lighter. Mistry reasonable use of office paper are then Japanese, who frequently leaves the authorities with a basis weight of 64 g / m2. Saving at the same time reduce the weight of the paper is the order of several percent for every 10 grams.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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