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How do I find the right job?

Looking for a new job nowadays is not going to be easy. And sometimes the situation even themselves harder. What to keep in mind before delving into the vortex of advertisements and interviews?

What I want and what I have?

Let's start with the basic. First, it is worth bearing in mind their qualifications. "Although the employer may turn a blind eye over some of your shortcomings or the fact that in some cases you need to train them a little, but I will prefer a candidate with whom will have - colloquially speaking - at least labor. Please read carefully the requirements that must meet job seekers and accordingly follow, "says Thomas jumped, author of the project He adds that it is also important to ask what the job actually want. While for some the site meets the requirements of the employer and you have good qualifications, it does not mean that you will be the right one. Consider the forward and cons.

Use the Internet

Portals on the supply and demand of jobs are numerous. Use them. Many of them contain not only the advertising, but also practical advice and the opportunity to place a professional resume here. "It is also good to use sites that offer practical advice and information about individual companies, but also for job interviews, or experience of employees or job seekers," says Thomas jumped.

Do not be afraid to try something new

If you feel it is time to throw themselves professionally in a different direction than the fact that you're still headed for, Do not resist it! If you can not build on the experience that you have gained over the years, then consider various retraining courses. It is not excluded that "see" in a completely different field, namely that you always beckoned, but you have not found the courage to dive into it. Maybe radical change is exactly what you need, do not succumb to the stereotype of a burn, but found a new joy in work.

Prepare for the interview

If you find any advertisement deliver even you (and your resume) will meet the requirements of potential employers, you probably awaiting a job interview. "Do not underestimate him, interview is a unique opportunity to make a good first impression and demonstrate your skills and prerequisites for a job offer. Unfortunately, often that first impression messing with useless trifles, such as late arrival, inappropriate clothing and especially ignorance about the company and its activities, "warns Thomas jumped from

Consider professional help

If you have your own luck in finding work (and it does not help you, for example, or office work), consider whether it would be advantageous to contact the recruiting agency or professional recruiters, who will help you with your job search.

Do not skepticism

The idea that one day you notice you have a second job nowadays is at least naive. "Keep in mind that the job search will take some time that you send a resume to a lot of addresses (and not everywhere you answers) that undergo several interviews. But do not despair over setbacks, do not skepticism. Believe that and waiting for you the right job, "she says project co-founder

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