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Megaturné Voices 2 Richard Muller - start to perfection!

Megaturné Voices 2 Richard Muller - start to perfection! Richard Müller and Fragile group started in Trencin megaturné VOICES 2! Legendary singer performed together with Fragile hits in that famous editing "a cappella" without using a single tool! There were also songs from the new album VOICES 2 "bull in a china", "Mama" or "Naked 2". Two hours of amazing voices reward fans unceasing applause and ovations stanging! 2 VOICES tour includes 40 concerts in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Full House, wonderful atmosphere and stanging ovations! So it seemed at first concert megaturné VOICES 2 which is not on our music scene second to none! Fragile Richard Müller and detonated concert hit "the stairs", then followed a track from the new album VOICES 2 "bull in a china" and "Naked 2". " I had stage fright. But every time I say that I feel such a tension that already after the first song slowly leaving. We were all full of expectations as it goes and how people will react. I think we hit it off, "he laughed after the concert Richard Müller.

Have the greatest effect on a fantastic concert hits "Pressure lower ',' loving the rains" or "Baroque", which finish "a cappella" she added another dimension. Fragile performed in the 7-member assembly. In addition bandleader Braňa Dice in Trencin showed their talents Jana Golis, Svetlana Rymarenko, Jana Boltižiar, Kamil Mikulčík, Viliam Csontos and Peter Lacho.

"The concert we really enjoyed. Thanks to our cooperation we have had previous experience
and liberate themselves from stress. We knew exactly what we can expect from each other, and it is very important to the podium. Performances on stage is very sensitive, it can not turn back the clock on him. We were able to concentrate on singing and the audience, which was great. We are proud of what we managed to Richard and we look forward to throughout the tour, the fans, the friends and acquaintances, "said an
enthusiastic bandleader Fragile Braňo Kostka.

Richard Müller and Braňo Kostka entire evening wittily commented on the song properly represented. The concert could not miss the perfect hits "Heart of a Prince Rohan", "cigarette in 2 t'ahy" or "The River". In composition "Mama" performed Braňo Kostka impressive solo. Viewers unceasing applause forced two encores. During the final "Happiness is a beautiful thing" he sang a sold-out hall. Perfect performance of compositions and incredible atmosphere reward viewers standing ovations.

"The concert was fantastic. If it was every gig we play such, I would be the happiest person. Thank Trenčianskému wonderful audience, "says
Richard Müller fans.

Czech part 2 VOICES tour starts October 30 in Brno. Following the example. Prague, Plzeň, Ústí nad Labem, Moravia then be Frýdek Místek and Olomouc. Overall, Richard Müller and Fragile present Czech audience at eleven concerts. Sure memorable ..

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