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Coffee Week 2014 From the plantation to cup

Coffee Week 2014 From the plantation to cup Celebrating the International Day of coffee, which falls on Oct. 1, are already in Brno café tradition, in which each October 1 to 7 encounter wherever smell the coffee.

Coffee coffee Awareness Week is in its fourth year has expanded far beyond the borders of South Moravian metropolis. Among the more than one hundred participating cafes this year to find a cafe in the Zlín Region, Ostrava, Olomouc, Znojmo or even Czech Budejovice.
Coffee flavored with celebrations promise for the coming year a varied program enriched with very attractive news that further intensify efforts to introduce common Week of coffee lovers this fluid the whole story of coffee, from its cultivation, through roasting, until after the manner of preparation and consumption.

In addition to a busy coffee and a cultural program involved can also visit cafes throughout the festival week also special coffee program, which this year will take place in the newly emerging urban market building in the Green Market 14th There will also be a week-long marathon of coffee the first day of October inaugurated. The content of the evening let's not easy shrouded in mystery, but for coffee lovers is going completely unique - lecture Gwylima Davies associated with subsequent panel discussion moderated by Stephen Neubauer, coordinator of the European Association of specialty coffee in the Czech Republic, with the participation of major world coffee behalf of the Czech Petry Davies Merry, Francis Roháčka, Teresa Bale, Zdenek Smrcek, Adam Neubauer and Michael Kocman.

Visitors can look forward to an entire day festival dedicated to lectures interesting personalities. The highlight will be the participation of foreign guest Gonzalo Enrique Díaz Mancilla - growers, roasters, tasters and connoisseurs Colombian coffee culture. The purpose of foreign visitors from countries where coffee is grown, will be in the coming years, efforts to alert the public to the place of origin of the coffee and the ways and conditions of its cultivation.

There will also be a very popular two-day coffee market, which is attended over twenty brands and coffee roasters. With well-known names of the coffee world with visitors, but especially baristas, meet at Barista Coffee Week, backed by SCAE Czech Republic. The jury will be composed of the leading Czech Barista: Michael crosses, Adam Neubauer, Franz Roháčka, Zdenek Smrčka and Slovak Barista Mariana Plajdičky and Ulrich shave.

The fourth edition will also improve innovation in the form of a special coffee magazine, which will not only clear the entire program of festival events, but also interviews with guests and useful information from the world of coffee.

Participating cafes outside Brno Ostrava, Olomouc, Zlín, Luhačovice, Kromeriz, Hungarian Fort, Brod, Napajedla, Klentnice, Big Bites, Valtice, Znojmo, Czech Budejovice

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