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Relieve stiff back through gymnastic ball

Bechterev often suffer from back pain. Unbearable are mainly in the morning. They can be naturally soothe drugs, even though it sometimes is not easy. However, studies show that the key to a painless life is regular exercise. Stiff back so you need to warm up on a birth ball.

New research has confirmed the beneficial effects of regular exercise. Doctors, this time focusing on exercises with a large gymnastic ball. For this experiment gathered 60 patients who were divided into two halves. One of them was asked to train on a birth ball twice a week for 40 minutes. The difficulty is gradually increased after each odcvičeném month.

More power, less pain

After four months, the time of reckoning came. The results were more than favorable.
For regularly exercising human muscle there was a significant gain, thereby to improve stability and flexibility of the spine.
Most patients have regular movement praised, which is reflected in a better quality of life than nonpracticing.
Amplification of spinal muscular corset with hand in hand associated with lower intensity of pain - so doctors highly recommend any form of gentle movement. A reasonable exercise can be achieved relieve symptoms and slow the progression of the disease.

Exercises for sore back

The basic element on a birth ball is sitting. The best is the one upright and dynamic (frequently changing). Since the ball has no backrest and is unstable, the muscles must still activate and stabilize sed. Suspension causes alternating loading and unloading of intervertebral discs, you are better supplied with nutrients and slowly wear. The ball is however not suitable to sit for longer than 25 minutes, since after this time the muscles and spine is tired unnecessarily burdened.
Bouncing on a ball can improve ac upažováním and lifting knees. For the full involvement of the limbs and back muscles can applaud the alternately raised by the lower limbs.
In the sitting position can also stretch the lateral trunk muscles. One upper limb vzpažíme, the other resting on the ball and bows torso to the side.
The spine can practice and rotation of the torso. Seated Put your hands behind your head and turn from side to side.
Strengthening exercises for the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, there is an enormous amount. If you move to a birth ball fancy, you can choose the appropriate exercises to consult with physiotherapists and rehabilitation physician.
For the desired effect, it is important that the stretching was regular, long and mainly proportional. Waste very large loads at the beginning of exercise can do more harm than good.

The movement has always been a very important part of human existence. In the modern world, however, loses its privileged position. Regular exercise not only helps bechtěrevikům yet, but it is an effective prevention against diseases such as diabetes, myocardial infarction or hypertension.

Source: Rheumatic

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