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Childhood in the countryside, gut health in adulthood

Cleaner air, beautiful nature. Growing up outside the big cities, however, probably even more bright side. Individuals who spent his childhood, according to a new research during his life about half the size of the risk of flare of inflammatory bowel disease.

Researchers from the Danish city of Aarhus come up with research that shows that people who grow up in rural areas are about half the size of the risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease than their urban counterparts. The results point to the fact that the environment in which we spend the first years of life, greatly affects our immune system. Research shows how much our society has changed in the last 60 years. People born in 1952, grew up in a time when much of the population lived in villages and worked economic work.

Not surprisingly, including older we find a much smaller number of individuals with:
Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, allergies, asthma.

Search for all bacteria

Concrete jungle and minimal contact with nature can cause children to insufficient maturation of the immune system. Now the first years of life are very critical for the proper development of immunity that protects human life. As in the case of allergies and asthma may be guilty bacteria. Bacterial micro and rural towns are completely different. Parents also often their children anxiously defend against all sorts of infections and immunity so children have a chance to grow up. For its proper development is the need to obtain environmental stimuli and "recognize" the new bacteria. Lack of immune stimulation may be worth increasing the number of intestinal inflammation and allergies.

Protection is hereditary?

This issue is currently engaged by Danish scientists. It is possible that as a result of a complex interplay between genes and the environment, the transfer of protection to younger generations. In practice this would mean that the children of parents who grew up in the country, will have a significantly lower risk of flare of inflammatory bowel disease than their peers. Finally, it must be said that the Danish scientists probably hit the jackpot. The correctness of the theory is illustrated by the fact that in developed countries the incidence of inflammatory bowel disease recently enormously increasing, while in developing countries are relatively unknown concept.

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