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How to payment and loyalty cards

How to payment and loyalty cards Czechs really love cards, especially those loyalty. In addition to the debit or credit cards is their wallet crowded loyalty and discount cards. And even those which have not used for years, but just give it to them once in a store or mailed and Czechs feel sorry for her purse from the blow ..

Average and Čech has 6 discount in your wallet or loyalty cards, and even the most one debit and one credit. So take the principles of how to properly and safely use a card that pays for itself.

Contactless payments varies payment purchases

How you pay your purchase card or cash? A few years ago followed by clear-cut answer: Cash. Lower amounts as are ordinary shopping was just a habit to pay cash, even if that person had to collect money before buying from an ATM. Pay by card rather it was the custom at higher amounts. Another reason why so many leading cash payment was distrust of the payment terminal, which was not the owner of the card under control, and the fact that not all shops possess payment terminals and the man did not want to risk "embarrassing" and a search minor in the event that the business cards answered.

The old rules maneuvering but irrevocably changed by the arrival of contactless payments, issuing contactless payment cards and expansion of contactless payment terminals, from restaurants to shops such as the pumping station. Today it is quite common to pay the purchase pastries credit card and cash together practically not to wear. This recorded and banking products that adapt to this trend and creates all sorts of rewards and savings with a higher appreciation just for card payments. But even in this regard, it should be taken with caution, carefully guard your card, does not make it almost out of hand even when paying to have it under control. Clerk or restaurant service card must not carry out supervision of its owner. A i make so happened , fast contactless payments help.

Loyalty cards, or do not want to discount free

Another type of cards that we often take up considerable space in your wallet are various loyalty and discount cards. Czechs love discounts and investigation, and so any time of the purchase, the dealer offers them the advantage of store cards usually do not resist, and now it takes. Nothing about it will not change the fact that the trade was visiting at best be half a year. The game is still the imaginary "just in case" ..

And so the cards in your wallet accumulate their owners losing track of them and often do not even know how many of them have already expired. When it comes to actually paying for the seller often given a loyalty card or can not find. After all, who would be able to orient in six or more cards.

On the way to the discount and loyalty cards lose, experts on buying plain view. "Just to take stock in your wallet. Carefully go through many cards actually have, how many of them have not expired, and that in the last two months, at least one advantage, "said Dave Smid of the company Mr. RED.

I nevertheless Czechs with cards and flash cards do not like saying goodbye. In the game there is the old familiar, "if" i resolve to begin play sports, so definitely discount card famous sports chain will use; how to go on holiday, so we will throw discount on accommodation here or there; or that we begin to read more, so off to the bookstore will surely use. And what if they really do?

The good news is that today it is not necessary to live in the confusion of countless cards for discounts or decisions that still utilize and you throw. Experts on shopping because they understand that we are truly lovers of discounts and so now we can meet with one card, which includes discounts at a wide range of shops and services (eg. IPour). One need not pay so mad at the fact that it can not find the right card while you may be sure, that does not come about discounts and benefits.
"Customer benefits programs operate on the principle that the more one buys, the more you get. For every purchase is gaining imaginary money that you can choose other rewards from the area that it attracts and interests, "said Dave Smid.

So how do the shopping?
Ideal situation wallets for purchases is thus one payment card, such a course, which is money and one loyalty card, which can be such to get discounts while shopping earn points and benefits.

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