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Single households are increasing. Is also changing eating

Single households are increasing. Is also changing eating The way of life of contemporary Czech population is rapidly changing. According to experts, the Czechs increasingly prefer alternative forms of cohabitation. One of them is the so-called single household or a household of one person.

This type of housing they use not only economically active young people, but also seniors. Today's lifestyle is different and moreover a way of eating. People cease to cook for yourself, buy a pre-prepared, ready-made meals. Due to the increased demand for plastic containers during the last five years by more than 15%.

According to the last Census, Census 2011 lives in the Czech Republic more than 1.2 million people alone as individuals in households. The highest proportion of households of individuals was detected in Prague, Karlovy Vary and Ústí nad Labem. The lowest share of the contrary occurs in the highlands and in the Zlin region, ie regions with high levels of traditional family values. "Given the aging population, the largest group of single person households, the elderly especially widowed women. Group of seniors constitutes more than a third of all households of individuals, "said Pavlina Habartová from the Czech Statistical Office, which performs Census and apartments. Over the last ten years, however, by the significant increase in the proportion of people in the younger age groups, the so-called singles, which is currently more than 300,000. "In a group of singles dominates the proportion of unmarried men of individuals, which amounted to almost one fifth of all households of individuals," added Habartová.

The increase in household singles related to the higher availability of housing, lifestyle modifications and general bustle demographic behavior, which is evident in the Czech Republic since the early 90s of the 20th century. "Among its main symptoms include low levels of fertility postponement of motherhood in the elderly, increase diversity in life paths and forms of coexistence and related aging population, "said Pavlina Habartová. According to sociologists is the cause of the increasing number of single households associated with changes in life. "After the classical stage of youth, which was characterized by the preparation for the profession and earning money first, followed adulthood and middle age. In it was typical to marry, establish a home and a family and raise children. Today we added a stage called adult youth, in which people are living without family obligations, as is typical of youth, but with the resources typical of middle age, "said sociologist Ivo possible." People are therefore move away from their parents and establish a single-person household, Although he often shared with partners in shorter-term relationships, which are not oriented family. This moment in the last two decades pushed around six years and about a quarter of people never come, "he added possible.

With the growing number of single-parent families is starting to significantly alter not only the demographic behavior, but also a total lifestyle company. "Working time is currently still extending and people have less time to eat. With the growing demand for convenience foods and snacks that you can take one home with them on the road, or you can eat in the workplace, "said spokeswoman Globus ČR Paul Hobíková. According to experts, people consume, who lives alone, roughly 42% more than the multi-household packaging, because more often use the finished products. This trend is confirmed by the domestic manufacturers and suppliers of packaging materials. "Over the last five years has increased the demand for plastic pots of more than 15%," said Bohdan Danek, production manager BLATINIE, engaged in the manufacture of plastic containers and packaging technologies for different industries. "Eating the form of prepared meals is convenient, fast and cheap. Jednoporcově meals are within a few minutes ready to eat. Disposal of packaging is performed via environmentally, in accordance with environmental protection, "said Danek, with the trend of buying ready meals used not only young working individuals, but also seniors who packaged meals ordered on a weekend, a few days in inventory.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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