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People in Need in Ukraine distributing food, water, blankets and school supplies

Team of People in Need has helped hundreds of refugees in six cities in Eastern Ukraine. Most vulnerable people in a beautiful Liman, Gorski, in part, Krasnoarmijsku, smoker or near Mariupol gave baby food, porridge, biscuits, mattresses, blankets, pasta, sugar, fish and canned meat or school supplies. In the next few days getting ready supply of drugs to fight plagued Donetsk.

In the areas directly affected by the conflict live almost four million people. The conflict has more than 190 thousand Ukrainians made ​​refugees in their own country, over 200,000 people have fled from January to Russia.

Help is funded from the SOS Ukraine, which to date gathered over 6 million from several thousand donors. Another 1.5 million donated by the donor members of the Friends of People in Need.

People in Need is currently focused on immediate assistance to refugees, who often fled with only basic things and found themselves destitute. "Refugees are distributed in the last days of 1000, for example, 750 fish and canned meat, 500 kg of pasta, 2,500 packs of baby food or 100 mattresses, "recounted assistance coordinator PIN eastern Ukraine Tomas Vlach.

The area is damaged by 290 UN schools, and for many children start the school year so endangered. "For example, in the village Milikino near Mariupol on Monday will sit together with 80 local school children to school and 80 elementary school children of refugees who fled from Donetsk and other conflict zones. You will get basic school supplies like notebooks, pencils, pens and rulers, "says the coordinator of humanitarian assistance in eastern Ukraine Lenka preposterous, and adds that in Mariupol and surroundings is at least 20,000 registered refugees, of which 7500 children.

Eating them supplied by local volunteers. "Hundreds of refugees who usually sleep in abandoned wooden chalets or tents on shore, we mainly distribute toiletries and baby food," says Lenka Blahova. Among local refugees and Viktor, who comes from Makijevky, near the town of Donetsk, where several weeks of fighting. The beach at the Sea of ​​Azov near Mariupol spending for the second month. He lives in a tent and cook on a portable stove to save on food. "We can live as long as we have money," he says.

Retirement usually chooses cash. But in Makijevce bank does not work, and because half bank card, u can not choose Mariupol. Therefore rapidly running out of money and Viktor solves the problem that the majority of refugees. He turns in his hands every talent, no accommodation, decent food or medicines, because the recipes have long become paid. "So we thought it would be at home in the winter. But what can you do somehow get by, "he says with sadness in his voice.

The tense situation is also very Donetsk. People here do not receive social benefits and so they can not buy basic medicines. "In town so we mainly supply drugs for diabetics or people suffering from high blood pressure," says Tomas Vlach, adding that in the former city of millions now living only around 400,000 people. " They stayed only elderly or infirm people and mothers with children. About 90 percent of the shops are closed, "explains Tomas Vlach situation in the besieged city.

I hope that the war will end soon

Among those who stayed, is Larisa Lukjanovna. "How is it possible, as it may be," repeats still in shock from what happened yesterday. Shortly after six o'clock in the morning fell to her apartment grenade. The wall had only temporarily fixed the neighbors with wood. Life for her after weeks of shelling changed in survival. Food Larisa still has a pre-purchased inventory. Unlike many neighbors still has money so he can buy, because the food in the shops yet is. "What? I do not know. I hope that the war will end soon, "he laments with tears in his eyes.

Because of the fighting in many places interrupted water supply, electricity or gas. Especially critical is the situation in Vugledaru where people suffer from water shortages. "When the fighting was damaged waterworks in Gorlovce and when you try to fix it died under fire of repair crews. We thus provide local resources to supply of drinking water in the tanks, "explains Tomas Vlach.

People in Need in the coming weeks and months will be in eastern Ukraine particular focus on assistance to refugees (distribution of material aid, food preparation refugee center in winter); help people who are returning to the cities where the fight ended and who need assistance with basic rehabilitation of destroyed housing and property; and will strive to deliver aid (particularly health) to areas with ongoing armed conflicts.

In eastern Ukraine today also leaves two-member medical team, which has a detailed mapping of the situation and the needs of local hospitals and propose a list of medical supplies and materials. The team will also seek to propose solutions for dozens of patients with serious injuries that can not be in place to operate.

"We thank our donors support. The needs are enormous in place and the situation is getting worse every day. We know from experience that the Czechs are generous in times of crisis and we hope that we will be able to raise money for further assistance from private and corporate donors in the country, "says
Tomáš Vyhnálek, leading fundraising department of People in Need.

Source: tz PIN
Photo to tz: Tomas Vlach, PIN

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