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They can parents after the holidays to resist the desire to take the child to a rural town kitten or puppy? Sometimes hard, and after the first few days in a city apartment find that it's different than the garden, the animal must be ensured dog bed, toilet, walk the dog out, complete veterinary examination and various vaccinations. Not to mention that the outdoor animal is bored at home and can therefore different way "harm". What about it then? To shelters or to delete ???

Similar to when returning from a holiday abroad. It should be noted that the pull of the animal's environment and transferred to another foreign him, they may be frustrating and even family and much problematic.

If someone is going to buy a home pet, "to have children joy when after so hungry," so it should be wisely and not under the influence of immediate emotions. Bringing home a pet, it means accepting another family member, who must all accept and bear responsibility for it.

It should also be noted that it can not be imported from abroad, dogs and cats, while not meeting the conditions of imports (such as not vaccinated against rabies, or have serological examination) and may not be imported, for example, some turtles or other reptiles and animals listed on the CITES list.

Sometimes it's hard to resist the sudden urge to buy a pet and called.'s Rescue of the Ore conditions, but these conditions seem unfavorable to us only from our human point of view. However, even people we do not want to be "rescued" against their will. And perhaps it is your home animal, just a bit "wandering". It is good to look at things from that perspective. And add also the aspect of health.

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