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To treat impotence can also use herbs, holistic approach is important

Erectile dysfunction affects statistically significant portion of the male population. At the age of 50 years with her meets every other man, yet it is not unusual even in younger years. Risk factors that can lead to this failure, the entire series. Treatment of diseases fortunately obtained when using conventional methods large success. Efficient are also alternative approaches, as evidenced most famous Czech comment herbalist, Mgr. Jarmila grayling.

The high incidence of problems with potency in our population due to unhealthy lifestyle, but is also a variety of concomitant diseases, such as diabetes, ischemic heart disease or multiple sclerosis. Among the risk factors for erectile dysfunction include lack of exercise, too much alcohol, smoking, mental health problems and depression, but also obesity. All these problems including impotence alone knows the alternative access solutions.

Although conventional methods of treatment are currently very successful, we should concentrate on trying to prevent the problem itself. Significant in this case is to avoid the above mentioned risk factors of our life. This can help in addition to the usual recommendations and herbs. For example, in the treatment of obesity is advisable to use a mixture of tincture of pineapple, grapes and seaweed, since it prevents fat storage and removed from the body of water. Men can also reach the maté, which suppresses feelings of hunger and reduces excess fat in the liver and in the skin.

If erection problems caused by stress or depression, I can recommend his practice of St. John's. This helps against anxiety, restlessness and mental exertion. Known Harmonizer, which increases the body's resistance to stress, is eleutherocok. Feelings of anxiety and depression, for example, then removes Vrbka. Against exhaustion and fatigue can use rosemary.

For impotence may also become problems, high blood pressure, or in general, diseases that affect blood vessels. In this case it is appropriate to use, for example mistletoe, which helps maintain normal blood pressure. Lowering blood pressure can be achieved even tincture or Reishi mushroom. For cardiovascular support is then offers example gotu-kola and ginkgo to help improve and peripheral blood flow. Also gemmoterapeutikum of hawthorn buds is a means which has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, and thereby helps maintain normal blood pressure. The fundamental problem is even diabetes. Maintain normal blood sugar levels is possible, for example, mixtures of extracts from penízovky, blueberries and rosemary, or tincture of corn.

To strengthen themselves potency nature offers several options. One of the best known herbs in this case Tribulus, which has a very broad spectrum of activity. Besides the fact itself that increases testosterone levels and thus helps to better potency, also prevents the development of some diseases that can accompany erectile dysfunction. These include atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, or the already mentioned high blood pressure. Also known means acting as an aphrodisiac and enhances sexual function is Maral root - Leuzea. Also facilitates adaptation to stress. Endocrine glands harmonizes gemmoterapeutikum from oak buds, which, in combination with birch catkins stimulates sexual activity.

For overall stimulation is also suitable dangšen, which also improves libido, and in both sexes. Recommending is also wolfberry, which is known for its antioxidant effects. An excellent option is the use of honey with herbal extracts, in this case, oak, Tribulus, birch catkins and nettle. Teaspoon of honey once or twice daily leads to male enhancement vitality, promotes normal prostate function, soothes stress and irritability and positively affects mood and self-esteem man.

The author of the comment Mgr. Jarmila Podhorná, a leading Czech expert on medicinal herbs.

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