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Risks complaint over the phone

Risks complaint over the phone Complaints of the service provider or erroneous billing by phone is quick and convenient. But it is not the best way to solve problematic situations. If the operator has not dealt with the complaint will be difficult to prove that you claim raised by the statutory deadline, or that you were informed of the erroneous information.

"On our helpline often turn consumers that telephone operator settled the complaint or incorrect billing services. Or that they were communicated wrong or incomplete information. If you do not record a call, you will later be difficult to assert their rights, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest.

Mr. Paul, for example, a customer drove assurances lines that service for failure need not apply, however, to continue his monthly bill went operator and demanded performance. Mr. Pavel acquired an audio recording of the call in which the complaint was handled, and therefore, had no evidence at hand. The operator refused to issue a recording of the call on the grounds that his call to assess and record employee submitted to the Czech Telecommunication Office only in administrative proceedings. Mr. Paul at the prospect of conflict rather then retreated.

Dial complaints is also connected to another problem: it will be difficult to prove that even when you have a complaint raised. According to the Electronic Communications Act, you have to make a claim billing period two months from the date of delivery of the bill. Deadline for complaint defectively the services is the same length, but begins to run from the date of service. If we do not apply the claim in time, you lose on her claim. "Consumers are always advised to apply in writing to the complaint. They can later claim the contents and the date of application show, "says Luke Green.

The operator is obliged to settle the claim without undue delay and no later than one month from the date of receipt of the complaint. In the event that it is necessary for handling complaints thing to discuss with a foreign operator, it shall be extended by another month.

If the operator fails to comply with a complaint, you can lodge a complaint with the Czech Telecommunication Office. You've got one month and pay for administrative management fee of 100 CZK. However, carefully consider what evidence you have. Czech Telecommunication Office admits is a successful party to pay the costs, which are mainly the costs of legal representation, cash expenses of participants and their representatives, including the administrative fee.

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