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Flower Purple celebrates 85th birthday at Rococo Theatre

Flower Purple celebrates 85th birthday at Rococo Theatre Flower Purple celebrate 1 September his 85th birthday. City Theatres of Prague preparing her gift of a renewed its premiere benefice purple flowers happiness.

Purple Flowers of Happiness - a special edition of this production full of surprises, guests and well-wishers Kveta Violet celebrate 5th September from 19 hours in the Rococo Theatre birthdays and opens new theater season 2014/15. In Theaters ABC foyer, visitors will see the retrospective exhibition tracing acting career Purple Flowers.
Capacity tickets over the counter at a birthday celebration Purple Flowers on September 5 is limited, you can buy the ticket offices of ABC and Rococo theaters or online .

Flower Purple

Flower Purple was born September 1, 1929 in the Slovak large predators. After the 2nd World War as a sixteen year old entered the theater in the Czech Cieszyn, where she won her first stage experience (eg. Dandelion Princess). In 1946-50 she joined the first graduates of the JAMU. Studying the lessons learned then developed in Opava, Czech Budejovice, in Cologne and in Martin.

In 1958 she was involved in theater ABC Jan Werich. She talks about this period as a miracle that vanished when Werich was forced to leave the theater. Divadlo ABC subsequently became part of the City of Prague theaters under the leadership of Otto Ornest. Flower Purple was then on maternity leave.

In 1962, her daughter Susan and the new season already joined as an actress Municipal Theatres. (Her first role after the return was a doctor in the play Beautiful unknown in 1963) Here it remained in constant engagement until 1991 and during that time played dozens of diverse roles. The audience admired her charm and gentle sense of irony and parody exaggeration especially in comedic roles and conversational character (eggs, Charley's Aunt, Don Juan, So little, take care of his daughter 's, never not deny their wives, etc..).

With the Municipal Theatre of Prague did not suspend cooperation even after the departure of engagement. Over a hundred reruns place eg. Production in Jezinky elderberry, as in Harold and Maude. The main role of the Instructions for the survival of her admired the author of the game Simon Mayo. Five years ago, originated in the Rococo Theatre's benefit performance of purple flowers happiness.

In addition to the Municipal Theatre in Prague for several decades rides with performances agencies Harlequin, where many successful productions directed by her husband Paul Háša (Fish in four, you know, I hear that when water flows, three on the bench).

Iconic roles for Flower Purple undoubtedly become optimistic lady Maude in Harold and Maude game played by both urban theaters in Prague, but also in Mladá Boleslav and the town of. The film Kveta Violet had first appeared in the 40s and since then has played dozens of characters in both films and television productions and series. Recently, she appeared alongside Vaclav Cecil Television documentary series called Magic Mountain. Films Z name at least Lemonade Joe or Horse Opera, The Phantom of Morrisville, straw hat, Dinner for Adele, lots of beautiful Dragoon, wife or flower not hit, Holiday Makers ad.

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