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How to properly claim defects tour

How to properly claim defects tour The new Civil Code has brought many changes even in cases when customers They advertise services provided by travel agencies. A major change is mainly shortening the period during which you can file a claim, and from three to one month after the end of the tour. Defects is also to be claimed on the spot. Now you can also claim compensation for loss of enjoyment of the holiday.

"If the holiday does not function as it should, and diverges assurances travel agent or customer expectations with reality, it is especially necessary to deal with everything on the spot. Definitely not recommended writing flaws to the journal and catching cockroaches in a matchbox. Every trip is a defect because under the Act must be pointed out without undue delay. The organizer must immediately solve the problem, and even if he does not within a reasonable time, we can ensure themselves a correction costs it must pay the organizer, "said Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest.

According to a recent survey conducted association between ANEC nearly six thousand respondents, was joined by Czech consumers and has 25.1% of Czech consumers negative experience with the use of tourism services. It is good to know your rights in case when you come back from holiday disillusioned with the services provided by your travel agent.

What you should know about the complaint of the trip?

Everything solve on the spot, without undue delay. In case of dispute, otherwise the court will have to grant financial compensation.
Travel agency must ensure the continuation of the tour at the cost of lower quality of service, the difference in price to the customer returns. Conversely, higher standard always paid a travel agency from her.
If you can not cure the defect or it is not the time (for example, the absence of the promised pool), remains entitled to financial compensation.
All the alleged deficiencies must somehow prove.
Takes a photo, request a written document from the staff of the hotel or carrier. As evidence may also serve other testimony of travelers.
The deadline for exercising the right to a discount one month from the end of the tour, before they were three months. Counts, even if a complaint with the requirement to apply the discount for the provider of your trip. Travel agency must settle the claim within 30 calendar days.
If you want a discount on the price of the tour, you can be a guide called Frankfurt table discounts. It states part of the solution of deficiencies and their corresponding discounts that customers grant the courts.
You are entitled to compensation, for example, already paid for visas unexpectedly canceled the trip. The office, however, is not liable for damages if the objective circumstances arose or was caused by a third party.
Travel agents must be re-compensate the distortion holiday for example by shortening or completely frustrated. This is the so-called loss of enjoyment of the holiday, which was previously our foreign law. So if you have already reported to the holiday for the employer and the travel agency of the timing of the trip so that you will not be able to attend, you will be entitled to compensation for the loss of vacation, even if you have themselves from the contract on tour this reason resign.

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