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What type of infertility treatment is right for you?

Globally, the world is now more than 3 million children born using IVF. But other methods of infertility treatment are successful: 50 percent of couples end up being your dream child.

Infertility has many reasons and it is according to them should guide the selection of therapy for each individual pair.

Proper timing

Sometimes just the mere correct timing of intercourse, especially in women having irregular cycle. Capturing the moment of ovulation, thus releasing the egg is crucial for getting pregnant. The most reliable method of determining ovulation using a commercially available ovulation test. They will also show whether or not ovulation occurs.

Medication problems with ovulation

If ovulation do not occur as expected, a doctor first prescribe medication. They are available as drug taking by mouth and injectable hormonal therapy.

Surgical methods

Surgery comes into play in the case of obstructed fallopian tubes. This can occur for various reasons, e.g. as a result of certain diseases such as endometriosis, after a running past infection or due to previous surgical procedures.

When talking about IUI

IUI is intrauterine insemination and is a frequent and popular solution. This is the introduction of semen into the woman's uterus at the time of ovulation . The advantage is a lower burden on the woman's body than a conventional artificial insemination and affordability. However, the probability of pregnancy is also lower. A variation, particularly in male infertility type is the use of donor semen. Then, however, be noted that the woman's partner is not the biological father of the child.

Classic artificial insemination or IVF

IVF removes all barriers between sperm and egg, fusion takes place both in the laboratory and into the woman's uterus is returned to the embryo itself. In the case of poor sperm quality is even possible to apply the sperm directly into the egg. Most of IVF today is going just by this method. And as there are sperm donors, there are donor eggs. It is also possible to use straight across the donor embryo, usually from another couple who also undergoes IVF fertilization and embryo him literally a "left over". Boom in IVF techniques after fusion of egg and sperm maintaining embryos in the laboratory for 5 days and then to be applied to the uterus, which is better to estimate the survival.


Widely ethically discussed the possibility of a situation where women who have problems with donošením, apply the embryo into the uterus substitute mothers.

Method of artificial insemination is thus considerable, it is important to properly discuss all options with the experts and choose the right solution for you.

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