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Holidays can increase mortgage interest. Due to inattention

Unwelcome return from holiday can expect those this year refinanced mortgage. Interest is to be able to cut through seemingly small commitments for new banks such as a certain number of transactions that take place each month from your checking account. And these commitments need to pay during the summer holidays increased attention. Otherwise there is a risk that the bank client of bonus interest and prepare him up.

Credit card with you

More money saved on a vacation this year, those who take advantage of low mortgage interest since the beginning of the year breaking records. According to the latest data Hypoindex stopped the rate to 2.8%. "Refinance now really pays off. Clients reach an interesting rate, for example by setting up a current account at a new bank. This can often reduce the interest rate by up to half a percent. But be careful account of the need to actively use even during the long summer holidays. This can be a problem for someone, "said mortgage specialist financial advisory company DataLife Sylva Herichová. Most banks namely insists that the client made ​​the account a certain number of transactions per month. "That's a holiday, take a credit card and use it a few times. A neglect or transactions through Internet banking, "she Herichová.

Do not forget to properly fill the bill

Another condition that many reduced mortgage interest, compliance with the minimum limit of money you have each month to the account come. Most banks require a lump sum of 15,000 CZK. If a client is allowed to send the payment account, no problem. "Worse is when the amount collected from multiple sources in another account and then once it sends to the bank, where the new mortgage. It is at this step must not forget when you leave. Otherwise we risk that it will prepare the bank for the bonus and raise his interest rate due to non-compliance. Given that many people refinanced recently, increased by the interest due to their inattention for the next five years fixation completely unnecessary, "said Sylva Herichová mortgage specialist. Tricky is specifically the recent refinancing, due to which people can forget the new conditions more easily than those that already have automated.

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