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When saving the forest nursery it is also a masculine element in preschool education

When saving the forest nursery it is also a masculine element in preschool education Emerging law on children's groups may mean eliminating forest nurseries. Their supporters are trying to reverse the situation and seek their place in the sun. It is however about more than maintaining the ability to educate children in nature instead of in the classroom.

"Forest nurseries are the workhorse of the presence of the male element in preschool education. And that is also threatened, "says Václav Šneberger of the League of Open Men (LOM).

Pre-school education and training to school for a long time the domain of women. In traditional stone nurseries 99.7% of women and only a negligible amount of men. In contrast, nurseries find ten times more men - teachers. Experts agree the same time, the presence of both sexes in education is important, but the men in mainstream preschools rushing.

Leaving aside the analysis of the reasons why men do not attract regular kindergarten. Anyway nurseries find them quite a lot of these nurseries have their presence even anchored in its conception. "Many forest nursery has a policy to always present a pair of teachers formed a woman and a man." Says Tereza Valkounová Association of forest nurseries. The reason is clear. As in traditional families want a forest nursery teachers to offer children of both sexes to show them the world through the eyes of both men and women. "Men are open to children the world differently than women and institutional education and training fundamentally devoid of men. Those are for the healthy development of children as necessary as women, "says Václav Šneberger. He adds: "We welcome the creation and promotion of children's groups, however, voluntary registration to child group would allow the continuation of quality community care not only of forest nurseries and supported by the pioneers of male grooming school age children. Provisions Let us not limit what is healthy and functioning."

Forest Nursery Association now has high hopes to draft legislation in the Senate. LOM in this effort Association supports as long highlights the importance of the presence of the male element in all phases of education of children. "We urge senators to have committed combat forest nurseries for many reasons this important aspect of school education," says Šneberger from the quarry.

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