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Upouštíme from day trips to the sea, you'd better připlatíme for bed

Czech tourists began to prefer this multi-day package tours. While in the last years often set off the so-called one-day trip to the sea where all the night traveled to coastal habitats, spent the day swimming and the next night the carriage back to the homeland this summer prefer prepaid overnight at the hotel. This means more comfort for them and more time on understanding the destination.

Even last year were among the Czechs bus trips offering tourists one day only popular swimming. This type of leave sought in particular discount portals, but also tours purchased travel agencies. This year, however, much more is demanded residential trips to the length of an average of three to four days. They want while such tours that are associated with exploring, but i still pledge a one day swimming in the sea. Tourists and mediate trips to learn a foreign culture, historical sites and for the pleasures of the sea.

The reduced interest in the bus tours purely for bathing in the sea react travel agencies that this type expeditions held back. "In the past, the interest in so-called day swimming in the sea relatively large part of the public, about two people on a bus in session. Travel agencies in this way often necessary to supplement the available seats on the bus, "says Catherine Petříčková, Secretary of the Association of Czech travel agencies, which in the Czech Republic brings together objects involved in tourism. "Today, with this type of trips interest also meet, but rather only on discount portal," adds Petříčková.

Also discount portals However, this significantly changed the offer day trips. Instead, begin to focus more on overnight stays at two to four nights. "With this trend are associated with exploring tours, where one day while bathing in the sea. Not the most demanded destinations in Italy and these types of tours such as Rome, it is associated with bathing at Palm Riviera or from the opposite end of the swim on Capri with a visit to Naples, "outlines this trend Czech tourists Luke Przybylski Discount residence of a specialized portal Slevoté" From trips without overnight, according to our statistics this year really recedes considerably, "says Przybylski. Discount Statistics Portal Slevoté among others, also show growth in demand for foreign holidays, which start to win over the Czech. The most popular destination is Italy so far this year.

The biggest attraction-day swimming in the sea, in particular the price, which averages around 1,200 CZK per person. "This way of spending your holiday you prefer a narrow range of Czechs, probably also because prices. It is a form of travel that is very hard, given that passengers will spend at least two full nights crossing the bus. Therefore, the Czechs prefer to pay extra for an extended stay including accommodation, "explains the main reason for the reduction popularity of day trips to the sea Jaromir Beranek, an analyst tourism from the company Mag Consulting. Price three-to four-day tours that combine sightseeing stay with the possibility to bathe in the sea and became popular among Czech travelers, around 3 500 to 4 000 CZK, depending on the destination. It therefore constitutes about three times the price for a day trip. "Day tour type elect customers who did not finance the entire trip. However, I think that nowadays tourists with low incomes prefer to stay at home one summer and on a long vacation then head off in the next year, "evaluates the preference Czech tourists Petříčková.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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