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Mongolia flew three Przewalski's horse mares

Mongolia flew three Przewalski's horse mares CASA aircraft took off from the 24th Air Transportation foundations in Prague-Kbely on Tuesday, July 1. This year's fourth transport Przewalski horses realized the Prague zoo is facing three mares in the National Park Gobi B.

Prague Zoo transported to Mongolia as part of Return wild horses for 12 Przewalski horses. A way to set off another trio of mares. Gretel, Bayan and Ulla were in the morning loaded into transport boxes in Lower Dobřejov. Mares were originally four, one of them was like last year should be interpreted.

"Unlike last year we did not manage to replace it by another mare. Dealing another horse would mean unacceptable delays and increased risk to other horses, "said
Miroslav Bobek, director of the Prague Zoo.

The fastest transport převaláků to Mongolia

After more than 30 hour journey left three mares Przewalski's horse transport boxes and stood in the land of their ancestors in the desert Gobi B. Prague Zoo has successfully completed the fourth transport to Mongolia implemented within the project Return wild horses.

"Since the start of Kbel to launch horses in Tachin Talu continuous transportation 24 hours and 10 minutes. Since the beginning of loading in the Lower Dobřejov less than 33 hours. It is therefore a sovereign fastest transport Przewalski horses, which we have so far managed to implement, "says
Miroslav Bobek." Everything worked almost ideal: the rapid completion of all formalities in Kazan, Novosibirsk and Bulgan sum to the smooth running of ground movement. "

In Mongolia CASA aircraft landed as expected in Prague 8.25 hours, respectively. 13.25 local time. Length of ground transportation to the Gobi B National Park was less than 200 kilometers. All three mares - Gretel, Bayan and Ulla - managed way without complications and ran out of boxes in order.

"It happened after 15 pm Prague time in Mongolia shortly before sunset. In previous transports to Tachin Talu doing so, we have released mares always late at night, "says this year's success Miroslav Bobek, director of the Prague Zoo.

In the coming months remain mares in the acclimatization enclosure, where you will get used to the Mongolian climate. Omitted entirely in the wild will be the first winter.

Prague zoo realizes transports Przewalski horses to Mongolia in cooperation with the Army of the Czech Republic within the project Return wild horses since 2011 cekem already transported 15 horses.
To save these endangered animals is contributing several decades.

Reintroduction of Przewalski horses run in cooperation with international organizations ITG (International Takhi Group) and with the support of many partners and sponsors - in addition to the Army of the Czech Republic is a traditional supporter of the Prague City Hall. This year, however, the transport also contributed to other institutions and companies such as the Ministry of Environment, Commercial Bank, as well as Domaine des Grottes de Han (Belgium), Kölner Zoo (Germany), Hortobágy National Park (Hungary) and Gaia Zoo Kerkrade (Netherlands ).

Source: tz Zoo Praha
To tz Photo: Petr Josek, Zoo Praha

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