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The main problems of tourism

More than a quarter of Europeans experiencing problems with tourism services. Survey shows that the association between ANEC nearly six thousand respondents, was joined and Czech consumers. Most often people complain about problems with car hire, air and rail traffic or within the tour. What are the problems concerning how to avoid them and how to assert their rights?

Four-fifths of the participants in the survey tourism services ordered online, with more than 40 percent employed the broker or comparative prices. "All problems in various service areas have a common denominator - the low level of service and customer service, unexpected extras and vague information," summarizes the results of a survey Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest.

Most problems reported by tourists who borrowed car.
More than a fifth of them were not satisfied with the service. Usually had problems with unclear contract terms and insufficient information on insurance and price. Hire advertise the lowest price alone renting a vehicle, additional fees but may still exceed the amount which the customer often hear on the spot. Often there is no clear information about the required deposit amount, there are also problems with peeling money from your credit card for the alleged damage to the car, without the consent of the cardholder. This process also against the rules of the card associations. In this case, you need to call the car rental to prove that the customer actually damaged the car. Unpleasant then is, if the service provider is delayed in returning stripped or blocked backups. Always pay attention to the fuel system of the car rental policy, otherwise the fuel consumption can be quite expensive. For example, if you pay for mileage and asking price is higher than if petrol refuel yourself.

Travelers also troubling problems of air transport, ie the recovery of compensation for damaged baggage and significantly delayed or canceled flights.'s Here I need to watch out for extra charges that can total more than the price of the ticket.

In connection with the tours, people frequently complain about the poor standard of accommodation. According to the survey, one in eight people staying in another room type than that which has been agreed, or even in a different hotel. "Any complaint and a request for a rebate of the tour price is required to submit in writing already in place and not to return home. If you spot you just complain orally, may not work on your subsequent complaint to the service provider to be taken into account and get a discount, even if you have the right to it. Take photos or make sure witnesses, to have evidence of reduced comfort, "says Luke Green.

In a pan-European survey on the challenge dtest also joined over eight hundred Czech consumers. 25.1% of Czech respondents said they have a negative experience with the use of tourism services, which is equivalent to the European average.
In what areas consumers encountered problems and how many people had a negative experience with the use of the Service, shows a table in the gallery.

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