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After what goes giraffes?

After what goes giraffes? Unexpected findings in the giraffe enclosure, the oldest of which remembers the Migration Period, is the Prague Zoo in the Gallery Gocar until the end of August.

At the beginning the intention was cleaned using a detector range of giraffes in Africa house from unwanted metal objects. The findings were so surprising then that they covered the entire exhibition.

"In addition to assorted coins, jewelry and buttons visitors will be able to view and one made ​​by rarity - Teutonic samostřílovou clip, which probably dates from the 4th century after Christ," the
author of the exhibition and publication worker Zoo Praha, Romana Anděrová.

The exhibition goes after what giraffes can be seen from Saturday, June 21 at Gočár houses in the western part of the garden. "Date was not chosen at random, on this day is celebrated the International Day of giraffes," says Romana Anděrová.

Special guests will be opening archaeologist David Daněček of the Central Museum of UC solutions and Miroslav Kratochvil, a representative of ARCHEUS DW who were directly involved in clearing giraffe enclosure.

Under the program, candidates will be able to try a metal detector to "practice deposits." Items discovered everyone can take home.

Entry to the Gallery Gocar is free, there will be an exhibition for viewing until the end of August. The findings will then be forwarded to the Museum of the City. Prague.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo: Martin Smrček

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