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Vienna Alpine arc - Paradise views

A powerful and glamorous - long-distance hiking trail leads in 19 stages stunning mountain backdrop of the Viennese Alpine arc.

Remote from everyday life and yet within easy reach of the Lower Austrian mountain world. A Viennese Alpine arc has a lot of experiences in the beautiful countryside not only skilled alpinists, but also families and those visitors who like to combine tourism with culinary experience. Flowering meadows, jagged mountain peaks: in Vienna Alpine arc extending south of the Austrian capital and achievable in just over an hour's drive mirrors the largest mountain range in Europe in a small area around the mountain massifs Rax and Schneeberg, Wechsel and Semmering.

Long-distance hiking trail

An impressive Viennese Alpine arch you can get to know the long-distance hiking route.
The good 300 kilometers - of course you also targeted pay "only" the individual stages of the total 19, which in the course of ongoing means - footpath through the village Katzelsdorf typical alpine landscape: from the gentle hills of the steep cliffs. Offers so many opportunities and experiences how vytrénovaným hikers, as well as beginners and families. Along the mountain Rosaliengebirge get right on the first few kilometers impression of how it will look like the following experience of wandering. Like the great Alpine arc is here seen as a way of panoramic image. Since this section is gradually emerging alpine landscape around the mountain Rax and Schneeberg. The path then continues moderate terrain from Schneeberg mountain massif in the Alps Gutensteinských (Gutensteiner Alpen) and over Piestingtal in Bad Fischau-Brunn. The route offers fantastic views and perspectives on Semmering - UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Watch carefully

Let your journey to Vienna Alpine arc selecting any way, you always get a fresh perspective. For a special thanks to browsers' Alpenviewer "that await tourists at selected locations - for example Semmerignu u" 20-Schilling-Blick "(View for 20 shillings), from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the railway Semmeringbahn a UNESCO heritage site." Kalter Rinne ", 184 meters long and 46 meters high viaduct was seen - as the name already reveals the perspectives - on the back side of the last 20šilinkové bills. Each of these prospects closer panorama boards surrounding mountains. Where to place these prospects are, you will learn the information boards at the starting point routes at the beginning and at the end stages of Viennese Alpine arc.

Top of Schneeberg

In the literal sense of the word "rich vistas" offers a tour of the mountains or on the Schneeberg mountain massif: the highest mountain of Lower Austria offers with its 2076 meters enchanting view of the surrounding panorama landscape. Thanks rail Schneebergbahn can overcome comfortable and at the same experiential way. Already at the mountain station expecting visitors breathtaking views far into the Pannonian basin, while there begins hour circular walking route "Paradies der Blick" (Paradise perspective) with views of the mountain peaks Puchberg, Wild, Schneeberg, Rax, Semmering and Wechsel.

Hiking trail Bahnwanderweg Semmering

The trail leads to the eastern foothills of the Alps - always with a view to the mountain railway Semmeringeisenbahn - the path Bahnwanderweg Semmering Semmering. The path leads from the station Semmering, where the information center will learn everything important about the World Heritage - Mountain Railroad Semmeringeisenbahn - and the surrounding countryside, along the rail at vantage points with spectacular panoramic views of the most interesting part of the entire construction work with its viaducts and tunnels to Breitenstein station (9 km), Klamm (15 km), Payerbach (21 km) or Gloggnitz (23 km). Everyone can individually assemble your route from any train station to return to the starting point. An interesting experience is incomparable amount of prospects as the railroad route, as well as the beautiful landscape of the Semmering. In addition, there is a children's station, where children themselves can lend a hand.

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