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Interest Czechs on passive houses rises

Interest Czechs on passive houses rises O grant them monthly reports around 200 households, which is three times more than last year. According to the Passive House, which maps the domestic construction of low-energy buildings, has asked for a state subsidy to them from the beginning of April, more than 400 households. For all of last year, while the post written only 700 applicants.

Changes are also the structural preferences of families. While previously tried to own the building as much as possible to save, they are now willing to invest a higher amount, and make better building materials. It is more important for them to future savings and long-term housing quality, which can be found just in so-called passive houses.

Building the preferences and demands of the Czechs to build over the last year has changed significantly. When planning for them now is not the key issue purchase price, but long-term savings and convenience. The center of attention become passive houses. "Customers no longer a primary, if construction is cheap, but on the contrary, is interested in solutions which arise disorders and also generates large savings in the heat," says Czech construction demand Jan Krampl of HELUZ that is the largest Czech producer of bricks. "Only two years ago were questions on passive houses truly unique issues, ask them came to be two customers per month. At this point, registering a few queries a day, "he adds.

Passive houses is guarantee specific heat consumption of less than 15 kilowatt hours per square meter per year. This means that compared to conventional buildings can save up to 90% on heating costs. They also have good and constant internal environment. Use is the so-called recovery, thus extracting heat from the exhaust air in the room and the subsequent transfer of this heat incoming cold fresh air. Supply of clean air is then secured in the interior in winter or at night when the owners can not or for whatever reason do not want to just open a window. These characteristics inflate the purchase price of passive houses, but in fact are not energy structures not significantly more expensive. What is important is choosing the appropriate designer.

"An experienced architect or designer can design a passive house, whose costs are up to 15% higher than expenditure on the common. If investor demand for a company's passive house and gets the reply that he should pay a third or even by half or more, it should be for him a clear signal that the company does not know what he's talking about. Such unprofessional companies then create the illusion that the passive house must be very expensive, "says
Iva Black from the Passive House, which is an independent professional association for consultation, advice or certification passive constructions.

The increasing demand for efficient and cost-effective construction methods also confirms, for example, Lubomir Valenta from the company Lomax. Czechs According to him, think of saving as well as in comprehensive detail of the house. "Our customers are increasingly interested in ways to avoid unnecessary loss of heat such as a garage. I well chosen garage doors for them because they can signify a lower cost. "Save inter alia, seeks also to the process of building a turnkey replaced by the so-called self-help." People stop in the extensive use of construction companies and try to do a lot of things themselves, "says Elizabeth Klimešová of the company Xella CZ, which represents the brand in the Czech Republic ytong.

The motivation to build a passive house is family then i subsidies under the new Green Investment Scheme. The Ministry of Environment is within the so-called second call of the program prepared a total of 1.9 billion crowns, which wants to provide for reducing the energy consumption of existing houses, building houses with very low energy consumption and efficient use of energy. From 1 April 2014, when the program began, were registered more than four hundred new planned passive constructions.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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