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Opening 101 Primátorky: exciting sporting spectacle and music show

Opening 101 Primátorky: exciting sporting spectacle and music show Following the example of The Boat Race, which annually before millions of viewers measured forces students the universities of Oxford and Cambridge were originally Prague Primátorky competitive contest eights. During the centuries of history, but the domestic equivalent of the world's most prestigious boat race expanded to other disciplines.

Today, the legendary race on the River Vltava three-day social event. Extraordinary spectacle of battle remained eight university, so he deserves a spectacular launch. This year's will be held on Friday, June 6, 2014 on river embankment and also exciting sports events promises a rich accompanying program.

The famous boat race on the Thames years ago participated in a popular actor and musician Hugh Laurie, who became famous role quirky Dr. House. Stellar participation also promise 101 Primátorky, although centrepieces Theatre Broadway musicals or songwriter Xavier Baumaxa will hold a "down to earth" and visitors Friday's opening ceremony of fun on the beach. Nonetheless, the Vltava River on one star sparkle. Do university eights race in which he faces six domestic universities, this newly přibyde i ship Dresden University of Technology.

Breathtaking spectacle then take turns familiar tunes from musicals Mata Hari, Kleoparta or Adam and Eve in the administration Daniela Wands, Linda Thomas Fink or Trapl, which the viewers will be able to breathe for a while before a nerve-wracking finale. From half past seven, then comes the Litvínov songwriter Xavier Baumaxa, which itself is an exaggerated claim that it is "buránek regional character, that his songs composed in the kitchen, in the car and on the toilet, which is not connected to the bathroom, so it is questionable, "and his wry humor certainly lifts the spirits of crews and fans that he passes triumphantly goal.

Second century of its existence, begin Primátorky in style, you should not, therefore, be missed. On the first weekend in June will be on river waterfront entertainment abound.

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